We are apart

One side and another

The veil that separates us

Is so thin, a fine line

You could reach through it

Blow it away like

Dust on the glass


It’s a wall

An impenetrable force

So tall and wide

I can’t climb it

I can’t survive it


Hand on a window pane

Touching, but not

No warmth

It’s cold, no sensation

No thrill to the touch


When I’m hurt

I rage, inside

Scream, shriek

Scratch holes in reality

With my claws



Withdraw and hide

Huddle in the darkness

Pull the dark cloak of

Night around me like a blanket




Death Maiden


8 thoughts on “Grieve

Add yours

  1. Sistermine it has started the flow will continue until all the hurt is gone
    this is a beautiful bleed
    wrap my wings around you
    kiss your forehead
    not ever alone
    not ever
    i love you dearly

  2. I love you my sister, I feel it too. Like everything else we have come against, this too shall pass. We will be stronger in the end, even as much as this weakens us now. But as always, we remain, sisters. ❤

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