Sing Hello

Sing Hello

If I wrote you a letter

Sang hello to you

With my words

Would you sing back

Our voices would ring

In the air

Like church bells in winter

A symphony of love

Across the distances


For want of a touch

I could reach out

And stroke your face

Kiss your lips

Apple Blossoms and tabacco

Soft and yielding

Burning like paper in fire


I could stroke your soul

Make it soar

Run and leap into the

Air, fly, float

Balloons in the breeze


I could make you see

The majesty of the mountains

Strong sentianal creatures

The streams traversing

Down the sides like

Giant’s tears

Or the lakes so blue

They rival the sky

Glacier green and

Rippling in the breeze

Silk in the wind

Can I make you hear

The wail of the wind

Echoing around the eaves

Like lost souls

Searching their way home

Can you feel the

Chill as someones spirit

Passes you by

Goosebumps rising

Hair on end

Or the uneasy sweet

Smell of old flowers

And dust

How it makes my

Mind reel away and

Hold its hands up

In refusal and denial


Do you taste my darkness?

The unpalatable

Mix of fear and delight

Like pennies and sugar

Does it frighten you

To know it lurks

Beneath my skin

Watching, searching

For a place to jolt

From the shadows

And bite at your flesh

Its teeth bright and

Glistening in the shadows.



They are weapons

They can wound

In a syllable, icepick to the heart

Driving you to your knees

With a silent scream


Words are love

They are a touch on the skin

A caress in comfort

The heat of lust

Gentle claws

A hug when you are in sorrow

Delight when you are low

Love in letters


Our emotions

Hang like old hats on the stand


The soft underbelly

Of us all

I beg you tread carefully

Death Maiden


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