It's so difficult to move forwardsitting here staring out the window at the sunshine and twitterpated birdsthinking that I’d rather be lost in a bottlestoned out of my treeasleep where nothing hurtsand I'm not sure ifI want to feel somethingor feel nothing because both are painfulI'm not alone but I ambecause my heart isn't into... Continue Reading →


It glares, blares, screaming in my ears that it's coming It's almost here and I weep Soggy, tissues seeping Nothing I can do To stop it, Time Gods, I hate March ©MelanieMcCurdie2019

“I’m so sorry.I keep forgetting he is gone.”Words that reverberateStick with me, clanging like a damn bellI can’t forget he is goneHow could anyone forget that he is gone?The world became a frozen wasteland that dayEverything changed, again.You keep forgetting that he is goneI can’t stop remembering ©MelanieMcCurdie2019

An amiable loverAlways waiting, patiently,Silently, it calls, though I resistUntil I can’t anymoreAn open armed greeting, The fire burns all the way downComforting as a broken hugBut I'd give it all for something moreThe warmth of a pair of willing armsTo be enclosed in a caring embraceWould be so much better than waking aloneWith a... Continue Reading →

5 shot showdownSundown brings stress Rather than sweet slumber, andAll I can do is sit, Sigh out of the window With my mind trying to Suicide itself on paperNothing heals the breathless void, The seduction of the Abyss that Threatens to swallow me wholeSometimes I wonder if living, If the effort to breathe,Is worth the... Continue Reading →

She's aware that she's not ugly, don't kid yourself;but because she has a pretty face,no one looks further than the mask that she's forced wear for everyone else She knows what you’re thinking - Why be bothered with a deeper well?Wasting time nurturing a thirst, when A quick drink at the edge of the Pool... Continue Reading →

I wish you could understand.There are not enough wordsNor are there emotions to explain it Or maybe I don't wish you couldInnocence is bliss, so they say Maybe, I'm tired of explaining and justifyingOf listening to people preach to me about lossAs though I know nothing of grief Maybe, I'm tired of being lonely day... Continue Reading →

Jackson’s daughter loved Frozen and at age 4, could recite every single word to that stupid movie about an enchanted whiner who couldn’t deal with her shit and froze everything’s script including the snowman. He liked Olaf in spite of himself.  The reindeer too.  The fact that Opal knew every single wasn’t the worst of... Continue Reading →

The snow is falling, lightly, little flakes of lace and ice.  There is no more grass, only a thickening blanket that looks pretty, but is as frozen as the air.  She sits primly in a chair, with a steaming cup of tea nearby, staring out the window at the eternity of white, wondering about nothing... Continue Reading →

I hit him. I balled up my fist and hit him square in the sniffer. I've always said that if I had the chance,  if I were ever in the perfect time and at the perfect place, I would punch Billy Sharp just once and make it count for everything.  It didn't happen that way, though,... Continue Reading →

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What follows is an excerpt from my upcoming novel, The Monster in Number 4, coming to eBook and Paperback in 2019.   The day had been slow, monotonous to the point that he wanted to roll down the windows of the elderly Caprice and scream at the drivers around him.  They'd rescued a cat from a... Continue Reading →

Midnight has passed and the moon is just a sliver in the sky above her.  At Glory Nobel's feet, a man lays naked and unconscious, and she nudges his still toned ass with the tip of her bare foot. Once upon a time, Theo had brought her here, and she fell to his romantic gestures and... Continue Reading →

Bedtime Story

He's been there every night for years.  Ana Kazak doesn't remember just when the bone mask of his face first appeared to her.  It's like he's always been there, lodged in her heart, nestled like a baby dragon.  He glowed in the dim light that flowed through Ana's bedroom window, from the shadows, and his... Continue Reading →

You know how there's this theory that you'd be blown away by the blast from disruption in the space/time continuum? That's what sudden loss is like. But it's not theory. It's reality. It happens, as it would, to anyone who has just had their entire world implode around them. A literal crumble and destruction of... Continue Reading →

All the stuff shoved abandoned to rust It's a subconscious junkhouse It's like a hoarder's paradise I'm lost in here, wandering, wondering Wondering why and mutterings  Lost like a meerkat in a maze Replaying the timeloops and dailies Asking question after question Of some omnipotent entity, diety And of course, there just are no fucking... Continue Reading →

How strong must I be? Watch the motherflockers run practically drooling to to kick me when I am down, and trust me, With every curb stomp, I can clearly see the Rowdy badass romp  that you call the Dance What a joke Yeah man, you're so cool Sitting there in your lily tightywhites Thinking you are some God Enjoying looking down your great pimpled nose at the fight like Caesar? Paint me a clown if you have the sack I'll wait, but know this -when you hesitate This broken human that You've choosen to use as a meatsack punching bag Will rise up with firey discontent and Knock your punk ass down From that ivory tower you live in ©MelanieMcCurdie2018

Sweet Recollections

“Your name tastes like spun sugar on my tongue,” She said with a smile that lit up her eyes The fireworks behind her made her glow My heart nearly exploded and then it did Until then, my whole world was a circus And I, the silly fool who stuck his head Deep in the lion’s... Continue Reading →

I swear this is mostly a true story.  I’ll leave it to you to decide which part is fact and which is fiction: I’m standing in the kitchen, washing dishes, and there’s a man standing on the back lawn. He shimmers, shivering, doing nothing but standing on the lush green grass, watching me with a... Continue Reading →

What's this … I changed? And what exactly do you know about change? This from someone who is still so tied to apron strings That you play frog to the command to jump every single time And from someone who has no right to ask you to do anything Oh sure, make everyone and anyone... Continue Reading →

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