AN EXCERPT FROM THE LOGICAL CIRCUS OF THE SECOND-HAND REAPERS There was a strange wailing sound coming from somewhere up the road, past where he could see. It was unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as the whining it was creating from the backseat. Wailing wasn’t quite the mot juste, but it was close. Somehow, … Continue reading Teething – Logical Circus

Teething – Logical Circus

Harry Boyle was a normal kid when he was eight.  He liked baseball and played catch with his dad in the yard after dinner and before bed - young but old enough to remember the happiness it brought him.  He recalls that feeling with the same clarity as it does the scent of his mother's … Continue reading Harry Boyle

Harry Boyle

The constant criticism of another's choices Tastes, styles, passions, existence Because you think that yours is better - That's not being "real" nor is it straight talk It's rude and cruel, and so is the lashing out When the tables are spun away from your favor Been there Wrote the book Seen the film   … Continue reading STFU


Nobody answers the call anymoreSomebody could be screaming HELP MEAll for naught; those words slam closeMost minds as well as earsThere is no help leftWhat humanity responds to isFIREOrSEXOrZOMBIEScream that and you betThat you’ll be surrounded byMore humans than mosquitoes ©MelanieMcCurdie2020 #OneWomansOpinion


It’s been an unsettled day.  Nothing exceptionally wrong but not right, almost as though things are being moved behind the scenes, those set-in-stone pieces that we perceive with our souls.  I’m catching glimpses from the corner of my eye – don’t look. don’t stare, there’s nothing there.  There is, but it’s nothing to put a … Continue reading Wings – An Excerpt from Hunters + Humans

Wings – An Excerpt from Hunters + Humans

Hide and seek, is it? Peek-a-booDon’t try to hideI see you, muffinNot the media youThe real, bearfacedBone-hearted you Shame, really, howYour true colors doLittle to complimentThen again, perhapsIn a different POVThat pattern fits perfectly Patterns are beautiful toThose who don’t see throughWon’t see through the veilThe blind, the innocenceInnocents, hand out trustI guess we all … Continue reading Ugh, I’m too old for this

Ugh, I’m too old for this

I remember that dayThat morningThat moment of disconnectWith no noticeA lost call with no closureNo dial-toneThe string snappedYou let go and that was the endNo more I love youNo further plans or promisesLooking toward tomorrowJust silenceAnd silenceThen screams ©MelanieMcCurdie2020

I remember that day