I know what overwhelmed feels like ... It's personalised torture straight from the brain You can't breathe and everything is too close Then it’s too hot – then cold – then hot Sometimes, hands shake and bones creak Your stomach twists and turns along with your heart You don’t want to eat or drink because... Continue Reading →


Once i was home. i was home to my family my body housed life and suffered death i lay in solitude, listening to him breath listening to the quiet ticking of the clock. it was Tuesday, late when he staggered to our bed still wearing that damned fedora and her perfume and nothing else i... Continue Reading →

Fearsome. You are fearsome, lady, from those eyes that hide some kind of beautiful brain that coincides perfectly with the savage monster you hide inside oh I pretend that I don't notice or care but I do and I want to not be like all the others but baby, you're killing me here It isn't... Continue Reading →

There's a woman in the mirror that I barely recognise - maybe a little around the eyes and in the ghost of a smile that seems to tremble on the verge of - I'm not sure but I empathise with the wistfulness that lies behind the false facade window dressing you know, maybe it's a... Continue Reading →

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