I'm sitting here In the dark With my head Under the covers And toes exposed Watching a movie With the earbuds in The kind where everybody screams Eating cheese like a weirdo And I can't help think That it'd be more fun with company ©MelanieMcCurdie


Why don’t I believe in God? That, my friend, is a loaded question and the bullets are defined and honed to offend, no matter what my response   But since you asked, and remember, this is my opinion, not yours - I think the fundamental lessons that we learn from birth, that unbidden and undefined... Continue Reading →

If you have never grieved, If you have never denied the finality of reality If you have never felt the Timpani drums of your heart Pounding and screaming in your ears NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and felt the weight of Reaper's sad, lonely gaze on your soul Then you have no... Continue Reading →

I took out a pen and paper With intentions of screaming on mute Through the vacant scribbles on a page But I found that I had no words to write I couldn't make the ink come alive When I had nothing on tap to draw from A dead pump won't produce water No matter how... Continue Reading →

Lay like bones Lying in white wearing my shroud With my tired eyes closed Practicing for death Without the commitment Crackling bubbles, my watery grave I still can't breathe, But stay here anyway Where I'm finally warm My solitude is enjoyable but I wish for company I could sleep soon Safe in your arms, If... Continue Reading →

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