I am indeed the best butt of some inside joke snicker, sure, cos it seems legit to you to do it but Just think a minute - tick tock tick tick tick - What if it were you? Huh, boo? What to do? Easy to pretend, ignore, deny deny deny But try to see it, iook through my... Continue Reading →


Edge of your seat folks! More like edge of the bed Live screaming Live streaming tears Talk about true horror It's so loud Too loud Round and round Only the hammers of hell drown They fade out the noise Stop beating yourself! but how? How when your brain hates you Dredging up an old fleshy... Continue Reading →

a horrified shadow

If you have never felt hunger a desperation so deep in your gut that it gnaws at your bones and it speaks in vernacular tongues whispering to your pain addled brain in the devil’s voice it denies, tries to convince your starving stomach that it doesn't need that sustenance then you have no right to... Continue Reading →

Don't be too kind to me. I'm only human and like it or not There's still a heart ticking away In here. Worse yet, it feels things and I'm tired. Stupid thing, it still wants to believe that maybe words aren't all doggerel and dirges secrets and lies and wooful design. so, please, don't be... Continue Reading →

Someone told me that happiness will never be found at the bottom of any bottle, that only numbness and tears lived there and I believed him until I discovered that numbness has its merits and that tequila and tears make a fine mixture in which to drown in ©MelanieMcCurdie

Tiptoe through ground glass but leave no bloody footprints behind. Confuzzled by the contradictory  message? Welcome to my world. I suggest you run. you're still here?  interesting. my thoughts about the situation go as thus: Winter's Chill is a twat. On it's heels, the Agoniser comes with his pretty, pain poisoned stick  this son of a skunkbutt...his main pleasure... Continue Reading →

Tick-tock pacepacepacepacepace Tick-tock Has the clock stopped? Tick-tock Seriously? Not even a minute yet? Tick Time is just a myth ... Tock Fuck Time, in our limited perception, only exists in our minds.... So the so-called experts say. Whoever THEY are... However, when a body is positioned, poised... Waiting becomes torture to the impatient, the... Continue Reading →

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