Edge of your seat folks! More like edge of the bed Live screaming Live streaming tears Talk about true horror It's so loud Too loud Round and round Only the hammers of hell drown They fade out the noise Stop beating yourself! but how? How when your brain hates you Dredging up an old fleshy... Continue Reading →


Throwing Stones

Let’s throw stones, shall we? No? You do already - Now, hard as you can Throw them into the water Watch the impact Smash the mirror image and Make the ripple  a reality The splash is arterial spray or your own tears And you killed it Did it feel good?   Did you enjoy it? ... Do... Continue Reading →

It hasn't been long Not really As far as the concept of time allows But that creature in the shadows With reddish blue eyes, too human. I can't forget it. The stare, as watchful as mine But wrong and appealing somehow With corruption oozing hunger It crept, bold as brass monkey balls Observing with a... Continue Reading →

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