Why don’t I believe in God? That, my friend, is a loaded question and the bullets are defined and honed to offend, no matter what my response   But since you asked, and remember, this is my opinion, not yours - I think the fundamental lessons that we learn from birth, that unbidden and undefined... Continue Reading →


as Eveline Hood Have you ever wondered what fear tastes like?  Like afraid for your life because this time it might be the end of it kind of fear?  If not, count yourself among the lucky ones.  To me, fear tastes like metal; like I've been sucking on a penny for too many hours.  Coppery.... Continue Reading →

A Reaper in the hand is worth millions to the right client. ©MelanieMcCurdie2016

Read  S N A P S H O T August 13, 2015 Outside of Kelford 30 miles NE of Skull Creek It’s all Al Kennedy can think about. Three weeks’ vacation to spend seven days of it driving while Angie slept and the kids fussed and fought endlessly in the back seat. Then she would... Continue Reading →


My ears are ringing, my head throbbing in time with my heart, my skin, my… Where am I? I open my eyes, lifting my hand to shade the sun’s glare. The light hurts, and I feel sick, the bile rising harsh and acidic in the back of my throat. Trees all around, their bushy heads... Continue Reading →

Folklore and childhood tales vary from family to family and certainly in this case it is no different. Those dark tales told by firelight sometimes become tangible and the unknown becomes frighteningly real. For 30 year old Dee Carpenter, it is a perfectly warm Saturday in June and Dee and her live in boyfriend are celebrating her... Continue Reading →

Hickory duckory Fuck, why must you be such a dick? If buzzkill had a finger, it'd be pointed in your general vicinity Is it so difficult to be a little less self aware, maybe? Screw your thinly veiled, venomous barbs I'm hanging out in drown town tonight Let my sorrows sink or whatever I'll smother the mothersuckers.... Continue Reading →

It’s all that she can think about; the memories of that night after the carnival are redolent,  like spider webs and herb.  Nothing had tasted so good His name was Eliott White and he won her a black unicorn that she promptly christened Stabbty and kissed him soundly in thanks.  He was giddy afterwards, when... Continue Reading →

Who left the bag of idiots open? Who is gong to take care of the infestation? *Snickering wildly* An idiot infestation I'm surrounded by them And there are no inoculations It could just be my magnetic personality or I'm the eye of the fucking storm *tornado noises* Perhaps I've accomplished What took losing a body... Continue Reading →

Slayful Stories 3; Interludes is now available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback   My nerves throb. They thrum like live wires and it hurts so badly.   I can't hold back a scream, but it's locked in my chest and it sits there burning. I don’t know who I am, or where I... Continue Reading →

I despise the word desperate Yet the scrabbly, bitey thoughts Those that rattle like rats in a rucksack Offer no other bon mot in place Unfortunately, desperation aside, I'm afraid and dumbstruck, The daemon stole my tongue - so easily stolen - but ... ~must you make me twitch ye perpetual devil?~ I'm trying to... Continue Reading →

Slithering, sniggering, sinister rats Slinking in shadowed doorways Always whispering behind fans and ferns Always so unconcerned But the itching sound of soulless claws Giggling along the edge of darkness Drives me batshit crazy and Still they assume that they are invisible

· · · I see it all. Each darkened corner full of monsters and pixie dust and the bodies of dead dreams piling like cordwood under dust bunny tarps. The nightmarish coursers that haunt my waking hours smell like corrupted flowers and cinnamon fire; an obscene mix that sours my stomach and comforts what remains... Continue Reading →

· · · · · Sometimes, you just can't win I'd lay my life down and stand up to fight Every fucking day of my life but At times It feels like A waste of time A waste of words to speak A waste of precious air One might prefer to be an apparition For... Continue Reading →

Originally posted on Demon Scribblers - Read it here • I remember my indoctrination into what was considered by my parental units as horror very well.  I was about 10 and my mother wanted me to watch a scary movie.  A child on the cusp of cognizance and an understanding of what my dream was... Continue Reading →

  A few weeks ago I was afforded an opportunity to view an upcoming film at an exclusive test screening that had been flying on my radar for a while.  Curiosity murdered the feline, so I agreed to attend and also had the chance to finally meet in person the producer of “Herschell Gordon Lewis’... Continue Reading →

For your listening pleasure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsCD5XCu6CM • • • • It's a heartquake, of sorts. It's devastating to find oneself inadequate. Those little inconceivable, undeniable truths are simply the death knell of that fundamental core. One can shellac over the hairline fractures, those nearly invisible scars that come taking from blow after blow to our fragile egos... Continue Reading →

The fireplace burns with innuendo Sing Sweet, Seraphim, songs of life’s release Mournings staring out the frosty windows And Chopin heartstrings from my fingertips With strains of cinnamon tea and biscuits Memories offer no consolation The real world snickers mean encouragement Let the freak peek from behind open eyes Retrospection versus reality Influences dim like afternoon... Continue Reading →

Do you think me pretentious Or just inane because I refuse to kneel After a lifetime on my knees Praying to a nonexistent God Or bowed to the will of another I've done my time in Hell Thank you for not shoving your belief Down my throat If I wanted a religious facefuck I'd google... Continue Reading →

You don't get it being trapped in your head and trapped in your mind all corridors and no exits nothing but hallways and corners with no safe place to hide from the monsters inside me they induce fear and prison all my life since then stolen away like treasure by pirates yo ho Ho but... Continue Reading →

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