dying in a drowning embrace

Passion burns and she gasps Earthshake quivering over a rigid rising when he pulls the pleasure from her belly Rhythmic motion of riding the ocean sighs He watches desire rise from her chest It's a tsunami of tangled bodies Her cries rise like a bird in flight Both clinging to love like a life preserver... Continue Reading →


The Statue of She

She sits in silence, her eyes closed with a sweet distracted smile on her lips ⋅ Oh, she pretends to blend in with the crowd and fails He says that she wasn’t meant to but stand out like a glorious statue in the middle of a war-torn slum ⋅ And she is so blissfully unaware of... Continue Reading →

It's not enough. It's not enough to sit and watch someone else's fingers Plié et pirouette Across the ivory landscapes I want to dance and soar, fly too Never enough ear candy to slake That hunger, the consuming need To sit down and pour notes from my hands They ache for the cool keys Vampires... Continue Reading →

I do what I usually do at this time of day. It's early, or late if you're a night owl like me. I sit on the roof of this grand old place, an odd mix of antebellum meets Modern Art. It's weird, but it's home. And it suits us, because, to them we are weird.... Continue Reading →

Visit Photo Flake for more wicked art To err is human Forgive, Devine So they say Good thing I'm not human Oh I tried forgiveness Clung to it like some do that cross on the wall Maybe it would save me There is no saviour Save yourself That's why you have a mind Use it... Continue Reading →

Suggested Musical Accompaniment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsnYrH3BUP8 So you sit there and watch the world Sticking yourself behind one way glass Interacting in relative safety Locking your heart away Where I can't be touched Pulling away instead of opening up To what end, I ask you Love can't live where it sees no light There is nothing there,... Continue Reading →

In my daylight hours I am known as Governess. The monster that lives inside me in her cage, quietly awaiting her time to run amok. She comes out less and less now, left apathetic, but still vicious the core. Should she gain her freedom, many would suffer a most heinous death, for she holds no... Continue Reading →

Read Death Maiden and Raven - Lessons  Visit Maleficent Blood Damsel It had been weeks since I had last been out into the world and I was becoming restless. Death Maiden was sleeping, resting up from her last outing, so I decided to go out.  It began as an innocent stroll through the woods that... Continue Reading →

it's a knife in the heart lean in a little closer twist it a bit pull up as you pull it out fray the strings that hold it all together a little more love bleeds away with each stabbing just a little more, hardly hurts at all only an ache, a small biting breath stealing... Continue Reading →

The moon is sees all Full and round as a virgin's eye Wide with wonder and innocence Watching over the meek and strong All tiny lights in the universe It calls home It is a window of the Gods They who smile in wonder The warmth of their gaze The Summer Sun The skies clouded... Continue Reading →

You bring me to tears The sorrow of a thousand years wrapped up in a palmful of words No one else can do that Surely not as a rule Do I allow my humanity to show So openly and with no fear or regret held in my heart Unusual practice for one so dark One... Continue Reading →

Twist Turn Feel the burn Fingers aching to dance Set to play Wasting daylight Just to say Nothing Sun Rises Sun Sets Brilliant colours Singe the eyes No words to sing Feel everything All too big to articulate Leave me to sigh Slumber draws nigh Showing my Path With a shudder Nearly deserted I am... Continue Reading →

I won't ask for your hand It's not how I'm made To ask for anything Even as I hold the Reliquary I ask not for even your hand A turn of the clocks arms an eternity they chase each other Never to be in the other's embrace To request such rarely crosses my lips for... Continue Reading →

 I am a crow Ruffling my dusty, rusty Blackest feathers Standing apart Awaiting my turn To retrieve small bits Of found treasures Shiny, gleaned treasures That I use to line my Happy place My trove of musings A room of shadows Protected by my Muse He who sits, silent In the corner, observing Dressed in... Continue Reading →

Love is such a mundane word You might was well say The sky is dark And leave out the lush velvet Sparking with diamonds Their sparkle the reflection From your eyes   How could I say Love Should it fall from my lips? As the gentle waters flow Constant and true As the song of... Continue Reading →

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am First Governess of Rivers of Grue, Death of The Four Horsemen, Member of the Court of Madness, and Death Maiden. My Sisters, Vanity, Avarice, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy and Lust, have each a talent in their own right and now are part of this esteemed grouping. Enter here,... Continue Reading →

What Love Is To Me: Love is never having to use a mirror to fix your hair or tone down your racoon eyes after a long day, because you are beautiful in someone's eyes just exactly as you are. Love is seeing the Darkness in another, choosing to pull it closer, rather than douse it in conventionality.... Continue Reading →

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