dying in a drowning embrace

Passion burns and she gasps
Earthshake quivering over a rigid rising
when he pulls the pleasure from her belly
Rhythmic motion of riding the ocean sighs

He watches desire rise from her chest
It’s a tsunami of tangled bodies
Her cries rise like a bird in flight
Both clinging to love
like a life preserver
While dying in a drowning embrace


Rolling the Beautiful Bones – coming soon to Fear Front Publishing

hEaD oN a StIcK

Sky eye blue tee
You see, because,
I feel less, well…
Alone in it

Bury my head
in the pillow
last kiss goodnight
and hope to sleep
before I cry

*It rarely works*

Pray, prey, for light
A direction
From whatever
Omnipotent Entity
Chooses to answer

The Universe
Provides the proof
That I am not
by myself in
yet another fight,

The same battle
That I don’t want
To fight anymore

I’m tired, I guess

If all else fails …
At least tonight …

I can threaten
people with my
head on a stick …

That might be fun

The Statue of She

She sits in silence,

her eyes closed with a

sweet distracted smile on her lips

Oh, she pretends to blend in

with the crowd and fails

He says that she wasn’t meant to

but stand out like a glorious statue

in the middle of a war-torn slum

And she is so blissfully unaware

of the watchful, covetous stares

they do not register, only his does

At the mention of her name,

the sapphire lasers flicker open

blushing at being caught

with her mind wandering

Her eyes bore holes into his

with a flicker of laughter

embarrassed she looks away

with a sigh and a flush

Closing her pretty eyes again

as though her actions are

an invisibility cloak

He can’t understand how

she can’t see that she is beautiful

That insecure creature with a

masque crazy glued in place

She doesn’t understand that when

the masque lifts, and the

makeup is washed way

That she shines like the devil

dressed in Angel’s wings



When I think of you
Sometimes I smile
A little bit dirty because …

But mostly I just sneer
Choke back the temptation
To grab the nearest blunt
And let my mouth run amok

Don’t misunderstand

I do not indulge in hatred
Rather, it’s pity that haunts me
That try as I may to hold on
The kindest thing I could do
Was let you go


Doggerel and dirges

Don’t be too kind to me.
I’m only human and like it or not
There’s still a heart ticking away In here.
Worse yet, it feels things and I’m tired.
Stupid thing, it still wants to believe that maybe
words aren’t all doggerel and dirges
secrets and lies and wooful design.
so, please, don’t be too kind
I may believe you.



I despise the word desperate
Yet the scrabbly, bitey thoughts
Those that rattle

like rats in a rucksack

Offer no other bon mot in place

Unfortunately, desperation aside,
I’m afraid and dumbstruck,
The daemon stole my tongue –
so easily stolen – but …

~must you make me twitch ye perpetual devil?~
I’m trying to be serious so listen!
*ajuster ma couronne*

You’ve been like glue and I love you
What’s more, I’m astonished…

For Sanity’s Sake
Would you please stop grinning
You mean old thing!
Playing peekaboo on the mirror’s edge

I still win.

You’re not getting a medal, you know,
For your torturous truth bombs

Perhaps, on further consideration, a Purple Heart
For braving teeth and tears,
Unflinchingly. Without judgement.



And she knows

She knows
I’ve told her the way I feel
Time has passed,
I’ve changed, she says
And I believe her
I can see her as I knew her
That happens between decades
It happens, sometimes
But my feelings haven’t changed
I’m not what I used to be
I’ve changed for the better
No longer battered by beer and late nights
The strings I once played
Are dust in the wind
The kid I once was is dust in her eyes
When I tell her that I love her
And she says knows



Because I love you

Some of the  poem below was published as a collaboration originally .   As I’m quite partial to the words I chose to rework and rerelease the original   Enjoy


Because I love you, I whisper through the hole of my hands to where you sit drowning. Drowning in tears of self-pity while attempting to run your fingers across the strings of my heart and finding them snapped, rusted and my heart dead and rotted.

You cry out in shock and despair at my disaffected stare, my severing smile and you, you trapped in body inside the that amaroidal hell, trapped in my Hell, the halls in shameful disrepair, so is the flesh that was my heart. And it’s your fault.

All that remains are faces, names, the souvenirs in jagged-edged photographs. In charred frames that line the condemned and diseased passages; the walls alive with blowflies that shift in a death dance, that shivers in a rippling, buzzing wave.

The blood on my hands. Blood on everything. Your scent, it lingers on my clothes, the ones I still wear. The memories, they sting and I rage, scream, at how easy it was for you; how goddamned easy it was for you to say goodbye, and not tell me. You were already gone before the words found their way home and now. Now. Now you are home and you will never leave here or me again.

I finger the dry matches in the package. The dry tips vaguely scented with cheap whiskey and back room sex They came from the pool hall. That fucking dive where you work, spending your talent on lowlifes and prostituting our love every time you spread your legs for some stranger at closing time.

I blow you a kiss, though the sinus gouging smell irritates my eyes. I can only imagine how this feels for you, having spent all day soaking in it. I blow you a kiss and I tell you goodbye. When you plead to know why I whisper because I love you while striking the match. Watch it burst into flame in the windless afternoon and drop it down the hole. The small hole in the top of the barrel of gasoline that you’ve been sitting in all day. You are thoroughly marinated now.

Hurry away as the lid blows off and you gurgle and yodel as you burn. Turning back to watch you rise from the fire like a residual Phoenix, arms to the sky as you scream and your pretty hair sizzles. Turn away as your blackened corpse crumbles back into the barrel with sorrow. All because I loved you.