Reaper’s Enchantment

For years it glittered The golden ring on her finger A well-worn symbol of her love and devotion In happier moments she wore it with pride, content in her emotional inertia Glad to have a warm body to cuddle up with Sometimes felt like a handcuff or a cage without bars on the long lonely... Continue Reading →


· · · · · · · · · Awake Naked Truly exposed Not bare skinned but bare souled Darkness embraces a new freedom In the absence of light I can let go the masque Forget my scars and lessons In that lost time between consciousness and careworn The memory of your warmth reminds me that... Continue Reading →

She knows I've told her the way I feel Time has passed, I've changed, she says And I believe her I can see her as I knew her That happens between decades It happens, sometimes But my feelings haven't changed I'm not what I used to be I've changed for the better No longer battered... Continue Reading →

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