You promised me That you would take care of yourself. That you would be healthy and to do it for us, do it for you, So that we would have a future together. I believed you when you said that you weren't drinking. Naive? Probably. But – No one that drunk could carry on a... Continue Reading →


It’s dead. There’s no coming back from that, barring some apocalyptic event. Dead is dead. The thing that makes you, You, vanishes, like smoke. You are here. Then you are not. Those of us left behind struggle to understand this concept. We can’t understand how we can see you, touch you one moment and the... Continue Reading →

You left me.Even before I got on the plane, I know now it was the booze.Your ever-present mistress. Maybe I was the mistress, andyou were cheating with meon your true love, Alcohol. Oh, I know,She's inviting andwarm and always there She takes away all the pain,but she is a whore. You must pay before you... Continue Reading →

It's the little things that I miss A smile that says I missed you A kiss hello that says HELLO The squeeze of a hand Dancing in the kitchen The giggles over stupidity Making out in the car Watching hockey in companionable silence Holding hands because you can The little things that mattered most. ©MelanieMcCurdie2019

All the stuff shoved abandoned to rust It's a subconscious junkhouse It's like a hoarder's paradise I'm lost in here, wandering, wondering Wondering why and mutterings  Lost like a meerkat in a maze Replaying the timeloops and dailies Asking question after question Of some omnipotent entity, diety And of course, there just are no fucking... Continue Reading →

scar tissue

She said, "Tell me how a person goes on, after." I stared, dumbfounded and in disbelief, as she chuckled at my expression. I didn't find humour in her statement Snapping my response like a bullwhip "You just do, or you don't. A lot of days, you wish you didn't." I mused a moment, counting heartbeats... Continue Reading →

JiGsAw hEaRt

When the thunder rolls I'm so damned lonely What I really need Is someone to hold Until I can find The silver lining And I can breathe again The snow is falling Like the blind hits, They just keeps coming Grief is always there The past keeps calling Reminds me of you The pain I... Continue Reading →

Sweet as a Summer Dream

Sweet as a summer dream, One that wakes me in a sheen of sweat Your name on my lips is as arousing As the love light that fills your eyes When I squeeze you tight to my chest From my lips to yours, Love, you are Mine My Raison d’Etre ©MelanieMcCurdie2017

Thomas Taylor Davis I lost him on the 9th of July; I lost contact, although I tried and tried to raise him, I couldn’t reach him, and on the 10th, we all lost him. Many of you don’t know Tom the way I do, and that’s a good thing. It means I can open... Continue Reading →

Reaper’s Enchantment

For years it glittered The golden ring on her finger A well-worn symbol of her love and devotion In happier moments she wore it with pride, content in her emotional inertia Glad to have a warm body to cuddle up with Sometimes felt like a handcuff or a cage without bars on the long lonely... Continue Reading →

· · · · · · · · · Awake Naked Truly exposed Not bare skinned but bare souled Darkness embraces a new freedom In the absence of light I can let go the masque Forget my scars and lessons In that lost time between consciousness and careworn The memory of your warmth reminds me that... Continue Reading →

She knows I've told her the way I feel Time has passed, I've changed, she says And I believe her I can see her as I knew her That happens between decades It happens, sometimes But my feelings haven't changed I'm not what I used to be I've changed for the better No longer battered... Continue Reading →

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