It's never been this way before It rattled me, the shattery explosion Awaking the sleeping giant The oceans roar, like breathing through A seizure of electric proportions The seabirds soared and called and sailed the breathless breezes it rattled me to my core - Being touched by lightning so similar to A glassbone rebirth So... Continue Reading →


Someone asked me what I feel, And to my own fault I responded The only way that I know how. Only Haywire live wire seemed apt. It makes no sense, perhaps, To anyone but me But that's what it feels like. It's as though my bones have been replaced And the new ones simply vibrate... Continue Reading →

The pterosaurs glide, hither and yon On the hunt for the not quite dead We call them Freshies. Like a treat Below the snarligators sunbathe Hoping for a snack of their own Poor things. Here I sit in my library, staring at walls instead of reading In my laboratory bodies rot, waiting... I'm no princess.... Continue Reading →

It hasn't been long Not really As far as the concept of time allows But that creature in the shadows With reddish blue eyes, too human. I can't forget it. The stare, as watchful as mine But wrong and appealing somehow With corruption oozing hunger It crept, bold as brass monkey balls Observing with a... Continue Reading →

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