It’s a sleepless struggle

I’m tired, and I cannot do more than pace, the bed calls me, but all I’m able to do is walk in agony, battle-sore from the war in my heart Being awake and lonely, alone in a place I hardly recognise away from the one who knows me best The pain makes me vulnerable, especially... Continue Reading →


Too much. You are too much. You're a mother now; you can't act that way. Can't you tone it down? Act your age please Be an adult! Gods woman, You are just too much - Too much of what? Too much of a human who loves life? Too real and raw for people to deal?... Continue Reading →

Why don’t I believe in God? That, my friend, is a loaded question and the bullets are defined and honed to offend, no matter what my response   But since you asked, and remember, this is my opinion, not yours - I think the fundamental lessons that we learn from birth, that unbidden and undefined... Continue Reading →

4:30 am. I'm awake and staring out the window at the snow, wishing I was asleep and not witnessing horror. But instead I am, and so are the deer busily scampering, their hooves a clip clop of wood on wood against the asphalt.  It's cold and my smoke is dwindling, but I stay anyway with... Continue Reading →

It's something like a tornado the way the universe tends to turn. what's a girl to do, one thinks as she sprays her life with gaso/ line and lights a match just to watch it's birth; once, twice, thrice and again. she does nothing more than giggle, make popcorn and watch the world burn. "clear... Continue Reading →

I remember all too well that agonising thread of fear, the disbelief and then the anvil that takes out your will, your ability to stay sane. Steals your breath, it does, it steals your mind, giggling silver bells and then - - then, everything stops. Your heart freezes, it catches and beats, then stutters again,... Continue Reading →

Finger pads slide along the shattered mirrors edges Guitar strings cut the same Notes on the page, fingertips yearning Stinging my eyes like papercuts Memories of lines and bills Chemical fueled destruction Reminds me of when- And the blood on the snow And the laughter, and the love Freed birds rocket fuelled, fell May they... Continue Reading →

Shhhh No talking Voices spoil the reality Passion brought us here Let's not waste words discussing A not so secret desire Human, you are so warm Close enough to taste the salt of your skin So just kiss me and again So I can feel something Feel anything but this gnawing disquiet and The distance... Continue Reading →

I know you hate it when I watch you sleep I don’t care and do it anyway, You’re not aware of my stare and its just as well My watchful gaze makes you nervous Gives you the creeps, were your words, as I recall I still don’t care. Observing your eyes move behind the thin... Continue Reading →

It's an awkward situation to be in, sitting bareassed naked on the landing in the middle of the night with my face in my hands. I crept downstairs in silence, exhausted to the point of lunacy now four days into brutal week of mostly sleepless nights. And was morose but fine until I saw that... Continue Reading →

tears are for flowers

You see, There are all of these thoughts And dandelion fluff mixed up with Feelings and stupid things like that So I end up tongue-tied and twisted Because I can't speak, Not even a peep Understand, It's all about control Never letting go for one second Stay diligent! Stay your post, and I have But... Continue Reading →

When I’m afraid

When it's late at night And you lay sleeping Down the hall the kids lay dreaming And I'm awake struggling to breath That's when I'm afraid. · When I'm on my own The house is too quiet All I hear is the sound of my thoughts And the sound of my heart in my ears... Continue Reading →


All the things I could say: − I am worried I am trying I am sad I am scared I am hurt I am pissed off − I feel unloved I feel unworthy I feel invisible I feel lost I feel abandoned − I love you I really don't like you − I think I... Continue Reading →

Was it a dream? A whirlwind An eternity Locked in your thrall My blood on your lips Constant feeding A bloody tap With no fail safe I dream To feed To rip the flesh of life Tear away the lacquer Sink my teeth deep Clawing as I lick it's centre That soft underbelly A chewy... Continue Reading →

Visit Photo Flake for more wicked art To err is human Forgive, Devine So they say Good thing I'm not human Oh I tried forgiveness Clung to it like some do that cross on the wall Maybe it would save me There is no saviour Save yourself That's why you have a mind Use it... Continue Reading →

  Deep breath Brave face Glue on the mask There are others to be strong for A fighter, faced worse than this It will be what it will be It's going to be okay Keep calm, straighten that tiara So when...if things get bad They can fall apart, and not worry I'm okay I'm tough,... Continue Reading →

They may not mean much Those two words Even if they come from the heart They do It doesn't make it better or change the purpose for uttering them   I own it When you've come to believe in someone's power to turn that bleak and grey fear around and you just need to hear... Continue Reading →

In my daylight hours I am known as Governess. The monster that lives inside me in her cage, quietly awaiting her time to run amok. She comes out less and less now, left apathetic, but still vicious the core. Should she gain her freedom, many would suffer a most heinous death, for she holds no... Continue Reading →

Read Death Maiden and Raven - Lessons  Visit Maleficent Blood Damsel It had been weeks since I had last been out into the world and I was becoming restless. Death Maiden was sleeping, resting up from her last outing, so I decided to go out.  It began as an innocent stroll through the woods that... Continue Reading →

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