Throwing Stones

Let’s throw stones, shall we? No? You do already - Now, hard as you can Throw them into the water Watch the impact Smash the mirror image and Make the ripple  a reality The splash is arterial spray or your own tears And you killed it Did it feel good?   Did you enjoy it? ... Do... Continue Reading →


Hitting Home

You couldn’t help yourself, could you? Just had to have it your way, ply and plead over poetry and broken, useless promises Pretty words meant to crack veneer, like stones on a still frozen pond, you just kept hammering it home It did too, hit home, believe it a punch to the solar plexus a... Continue Reading →

The End of Her Rope

It is the last straw, this, the last time. This time his whore came to our home, dressed, or rather undressed, expecting him to be ready for her. In our bed. Not the first time, but certainly the final time. I’ve paid, and dearly for his indiscretions, physically, emotionally, having to swallow my pride and... Continue Reading →

Tiptoe through ground glass but leave no bloody footprints behind. Confuzzled by the contradictory  message? Welcome to my world. I suggest you run. you're still here?  interesting. my thoughts about the situation go as thus: Winter's Chill is a twat. On it's heels, the Agoniser comes with his pretty, pain poisoned stick  this son of a skunkbutt...his main pleasure... Continue Reading →

Visit Photo Flake for more wicked art To err is human Forgive, Devine So they say Good thing I'm not human Oh I tried forgiveness Clung to it like some do that cross on the wall Maybe it would save me There is no saviour Save yourself That's why you have a mind Use it... Continue Reading →

Suggested Musical Accompaniment So you sit there and watch the world Sticking yourself behind one way glass Interacting in relative safety Locking your heart away Where I can't be touched Pulling away instead of opening up To what end, I ask you Love can't live where it sees no light There is nothing there,... Continue Reading →

Read Death Maiden and Raven - Lessons  Visit Maleficent Blood Damsel It had been weeks since I had last been out into the world and I was becoming restless. Death Maiden was sleeping, resting up from her last outing, so I decided to go out.  It began as an innocent stroll through the woods that... Continue Reading →

 I am a crow Ruffling my dusty, rusty Blackest feathers Standing apart Awaiting my turn To retrieve small bits Of found treasures Shiny, gleaned treasures That I use to line my Happy place My trove of musings A room of shadows Protected by my Muse He who sits, silent In the corner, observing Dressed in... Continue Reading →

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am First Governess of Rivers of Grue, Death of The Four Horsemen, Member of the Court of Madness, and Death Maiden. My Sisters, Vanity, Avarice, Wrath, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy and Lust, have each a talent in their own right and now are part of this esteemed grouping. Enter here,... Continue Reading →

Through the glass darkly I see Eyes that shine, glinting in glee A face, stony, staring back at me Thoughts of a demon, epiphany It watches with lips turned in a smile Ideas send me wild in denial The reflection is ugly, full of Death Horrid to visualise, steals my breath   Cold-blooded its mind,... Continue Reading →

Close Never closer The distance never greater Further apart than ever Reaching out leaves me cold Wondering why I try at all There's no one there A dead connection that rings With lost hopes Turn off the thoughts Shut off the Light Sit in the dark Stop wondering, move on There's nothing there No one... Continue Reading →

This is where he died Right here Where I stand Where his soul screams For release from his bonds Where he will never leave From where does this Knowledge come: From my hand I killed him But that's not all I did. I feel him still Warm against me skin to skin Mind to Mind... Continue Reading →

Its name is Legion I keep it covered In the corner Under a sheet Wrapped in Iron Encased in cement It wasn't ready When he said He didn't like it That it wasn't alive And begged me to Make it stop I told him it wasn't ready To leave it alone That it Bites, Seethes... Continue Reading →

Raven was silent upon our return to my dwelling. I suspected she was musing upon our lesson, and this pleased me immensely.  This would mean that she has already begun to understand her power, and the responsibility to use it.  I glance behind me, impatient to return to my home.  Perhaps Rowan would be awaiting... Continue Reading →

Recommended Musical Accompaniment Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice There is no Light Without the Darkness One cannot exist without the other Those born into the Light are born blind They cannot see the pulchritude of the shadows that lurk on the edges The importance of symmetry Whether we deny or embrace it matters not, we... Continue Reading →

Come Dear Ones A Story to touch you Settle for a spell   She found it today A heart shaped box Deep in the darkest corner Of the basement It was faded and dusty Once a vibrant red Now a damaged and muted pink It rattled in her hands A cringe of fear after so... Continue Reading →

Why say I love you. It’s so mundane Words are meant to move You, in all ways I hand you my heart Broken and glued Scarred with life’s travels Incomplete, until I found you Why say I’m sad It sounds as an untruth Sadness is profound Not so plain I am filled with the screams... Continue Reading →

When Love falls before you Heart bloodied and embattled Hands held up in supplication Wings once glorious Tattered and torn Would you gather it to your breast Envelop and immerse it Gently caressing it's soul With words soft as a kiss Would you whisper "stay" Should it struggle to leave Out of injurious fear If... Continue Reading →

I’m that thing. You know, the one In your closet? The one whose red eyes Glow thunder and hunger From the half open door. Under your bed? The one you think Will grab your ankle In the night? I’m always here you know Even in the day Nestled in the darkness beneath Where you slumber... Continue Reading →

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