Someone asked me what I feel, And to my own fault I responded The only way that I know how. Only Haywire live wire seemed apt. It makes no sense, perhaps, To anyone but me But that's what it feels like. It's as though my bones have been replaced And the new ones simply vibrate... Continue Reading →


I despise Reaper, currently That motherfucker is off Polishing his bone or playing Peeping Grim through some portal The perv. Hey!! BONEDADDY! Think you could stop rubbing one out And do your damned job? For once? Instead of dicking about? ©MelanieMcCurdie

Beauty is a misnomer and used in the wrong context. It should be used to describe objects that stun and awe, in appreciation of artistic effort and quality craftsmanship. In appreciation of Mother Nature's innate talents, both wrathful and benign. People are not beautiful; they are amazing and asinine, gorgeous and grotesque. Humanity is simply... Continue Reading →

I talk, for once, about my feelings and you get angry, or tune me out Or just flat out ignore But hey, you love me right? I can sit for hours and listen to This and that about who and what About everything under the sun Until I start to discuss matters of Importance. Somehow... Continue Reading →

Reasons why I am not allowed out:  This is from a real convo, between two people that love and respect each other. One of us is a might more on the religious side...  This is me... "But again how do we know that Jesus was perfect? He was human, and there is historical evidence to... Continue Reading →

These are the truth tools; these which I use to torture myself. The sharpening stone must be wet and the tools sharp to hit home. I think I'm insane, or at the least, not so far from that ledgefall into hell or beyond. Thanks be Gods. No emotion, but that needling hot nothingness and a... Continue Reading →

The sounds of silence. There is no such thing In reality. Why? You are human. Noise comes naturally Y'know that crack'lin? That rapid rushing When hear something And you are alone? That's the cry of your nervous system How about that thud That beats in your ears... Can't you hear it now? Boom (pause) Boom... Continue Reading →

/And-the-people-in-it/Cursed-daystar/hiss/Death-goes-on-into perpetuity
/Mournings-suck-even for-the-departed/
That’s-why-there’s-coffee. fin

Does silence disturb the delicate balance? The hard won solace of sheep mentality, lost Get used to it... Silence is for the dead, or the nearly so Don't like it? Learn to scream, then - here *reveals axe* This may help...

Hickory duckory Fuck, why must you be such a dick? If buzzkill had a finger, it'd be pointed in your general vicinity Is it so difficult to be a little less self aware, maybe? Screw your thinly veiled, venomous barbs I'm hanging out in drown town tonight Let my sorrows sink or whatever I'll smother the mothersuckers.... Continue Reading →

I'm pretty sure that I'm fundamentally broken. It's the only real reason I can even think of to explain why I'm so impossible to love. Why it's so difficult to find the same respect in speaking to me as others receive. Maybe I expect too much, and that's why. Or maybe I'm too thin now. Or... Continue Reading →

You called me sister twister but you turn like a tornado stirring words and empty emotion into an inedible buffet that I can't bear to sit eat from for fear of poison and hate sauce. no one counts the cost any more. it's a lost art to be kind and not considered a doormat c'mon... Continue Reading →

Do you think me pretentious Or just inane because I refuse to kneel After a lifetime on my knees Praying to a nonexistent God Or bowed to the will of another I've done my time in Hell Thank you for not shoving your belief Down my throat If I wanted a religious facefuck I'd google... Continue Reading →

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