⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ ⋅ She falls asleep to the sounds of gunfire In the arms of chilly concrete Alone in the ruins of a normal life A four-year old Ancient weeps ⋅ She knows no life different But dreams of so much more A home, a warm meal, a family In her sleep the... Continue Reading →


Promised me you'd stick like glue, true blue, to the end but you split like a coward are you so empowered, that you break word like bread, it's easy to blame, play the game like a player, role the dice, you always win, such a sin but honey, players get played your excuses are staid... Continue Reading →

I didn't know what to say I never meant for her to feel that way But it killed me to hear her cry from behind the bathroom door You don't love me anymore Your smile never touches your eyes The one on your face I barely recognise Losing you cuts to the core Because I... Continue Reading →

Wooden matches come alive Paper roses weeping Burst into fantastic flame × Just burn it away Throw it away Suffer like I suffer every day × Wood logs in a metal can Doused in lighter fluid A new life to begin × Burn away the I love you’s Burn away the love we made Burn... Continue Reading →

the fever pain in my brain will drive me insane rupture membranes and lacerate my pride if I bother to try so I hide what’s inside when I should be confiding but life is confounding and minds are designed to take pressure sometimes they crack and the noise of the claque knock back shatters fucked up... Continue Reading →

The Freebase Song

It happening again I swear I still feel you It steals away my air I swear I still hate you I want to move forward Your ghost just won't let me · It laughs at me while I SCREAM · I wish you would fuck off (Just get away from me) You smell like death... Continue Reading →

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