Bipedal Crow

It’s a worn-out point of contention *sigh* I may not be the smartest beast on the block But even I can see dark feathers don’t hide tinsel Those fucking sparkles stand out like a neon sign As a breathing storage system masquerading as human I collect shiny things for review, be it literal or figurative... Continue Reading →


Woke up hustling fight fight fight go team worked until the weight of my situation was too heavy to Face with a false smile Goddess, I need air I went outside to scream at the dinos Flip off the Daystar Sink into a chair I miss my green yard But the patio Offers protection To... Continue Reading →

I went outside again today It was very bright and loud There was fucking snow everywhere but The sun was all sunny MAKE UP YOUR MIND!! All this as the doors to that Wanna be Hoth out there Come closer and closer It caused my chest to freeze up And I started to sweat Because... Continue Reading →

- Dedicated to all my sisters who know they damned well feel the same way and especially for those won't admit it - DISCLAI ♥ If I had a penis for just one day:   In the spirit of truthfulness...I'd think with it at least twice   and spend the early morning in bed alone... Continue Reading →

The pterosaurs glide, hither and yon On the hunt for the not quite dead We call them Freshies. Like a treat Below the snarligators sunbathe Hoping for a snack of their own Poor things. Here I sit in my library, staring at walls instead of reading In my laboratory bodies rot, waiting... I'm no princess.... Continue Reading →

Promised me you'd stick like glue, true blue, to the end but you split like a coward are you so empowered, that you break word like bread, it's easy to blame, play the game like a player, role the dice, you always win, such a sin but honey, players get played your excuses are staid... Continue Reading →

Reasons why I am not allowed out:  This is from a real convo, between two people that love and respect each other. One of us is a might more on the religious side...  This is me... "But again how do we know that Jesus was perfect? He was human, and there is historical evidence to... Continue Reading →

It’s all that she can think about; the memories of that night after the carnival are redolent,  like spider webs and herb.  Nothing had tasted so good His name was Eliott White and he won her a black unicorn that she promptly christened Stabbty and kissed him soundly in thanks.  He was giddy afterwards, when... Continue Reading →

Who left the bag of idiots open? Who is gong to take care of the infestation? *Snickering wildly* An idiot infestation I'm surrounded by them And there are no inoculations It could just be my magnetic personality or I'm the eye of the fucking storm *tornado noises* Perhaps I've accomplished What took losing a body... Continue Reading →

I despise the word desperate Yet the scrabbly, bitey thoughts Those that rattle like rats in a rucksack Offer no other bon mot in place Unfortunately, desperation aside, I'm afraid and dumbstruck, The daemon stole my tongue - so easily stolen - but ... ~must you make me twitch ye perpetual devil?~ I'm trying to... Continue Reading →

There was one night a creature was stirring.  Said stirring woke one ten year old boy up.   I went downstairs and I saw a green clad being muttering about a pot of gold.  I blinked but he didn't disappear.  He just looked at me and hid under the table.  Then the sneaky imp said, "gee... Continue Reading →

You want to touch me? LOL you don't have either the balls, nor the backbone, or even likely the stamina. Talk a good game, don't you hero? All puffed up like King Kong Ugh it's ridiculous "You won't forget me" Oh hell, have you considered, That it's me YOU won't forget Self important swagger It... Continue Reading →

  A few weeks ago I was afforded an opportunity to view an upcoming film at an exclusive test screening that had been flying on my radar for a while.  Curiosity murdered the feline, so I agreed to attend and also had the chance to finally meet in person the producer of “Herschell Gordon Lewis’... Continue Reading →

With hands clasped to my chest As though in death Upright and walking Holding tight a tiny heart Angel from my Pocket fights Insisting to be let alone Put back in his rightful place as conscience I give you adulation, Angel A pat on the back for a job well done And now I stuff you,  wings... Continue Reading →

I do what I usually do at this time of day. It's early, or late if you're a night owl like me. I sit on the roof of this grand old place, an odd mix of antebellum meets Modern Art. It's weird, but it's home. And it suits us, because, to them we are weird.... Continue Reading →

Visit Photo Flake for more wicked art To err is human Forgive, Devine So they say Good thing I'm not human Oh I tried forgiveness Clung to it like some do that cross on the wall Maybe it would save me There is no saviour Save yourself That's why you have a mind Use it... Continue Reading →

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