Woke up hustling fight fight fight go team worked until the weight of my situation was too heavy to Face with a false smile Goddess, I need air I went outside to scream at the dinos Flip off the Daystar Sink into a chair I miss my green yard But the patio Offers protection To... Continue Reading →


This Mother's Day, I received a gift from my youngest son, Dave, who is 12. He had been given a story prompt in class, and what he created is a work of wonder. Teacher Comments: "Excellent Work Dave" and "Great Suspense! I love your vocabulary." (So do we all) Since he did so well, he decided to... Continue Reading →

She says her name is Munday, blushing on the edge of shy, With her amber highlights flushed, she nearly glows in the ambiance. Gently she lays in my hands As though she were made for them, and maybe she is. How she is loved, Monday quivers,  breathlessly. It sounds like scores of Seraphim She quivers, Just like... Continue Reading →

Gotta Light?

The flame lights up the shadow thrown by his rakishly cocked fedora as he lights his cigarette with the stylishly dated trench coat firmly belted, the collar up in back “Here’s looking at you schweetheart” He says in a very bad Bogey imitation And I smile, a little giving an eyeroll and shaking my head... Continue Reading →

Maybe I do think Hell is full and maybe, just maybe, I know for a fact that devils roam among us. Maybe I found one. Maybe I know one; and maybe he laughs like sin is a flight of fancy while he watches from his solicitous shadows. Enticing, that daemon, he ignites a barely controlled... Continue Reading →

I could climb the stairs again and again  yes I know that - I do know that  its the accurate  definition of  insanity, but - but what if it was  just as difficult  to stand in one place staring at the door  for eternity never knowing that  those stairs laying there beyond the doorway lead upwards... Continue Reading →

The Sane Sanctuary

Thirty-two: there are thirty-two and they hang on the wall. What you ask?  My collection of grisly souvenirs, the last one is barely a month old and frankly, it’s starting to show little signs of decay  and putrefaction.  No matter what I use, I can never stop that first biological rebellion that would keep them... Continue Reading →

they said watch the horizon

up and down … up and down … up the swells make my head explode my heart aches in sympathy for my stomach and my ears look for the horizon there is no shore out there only water, and the - burning alive, want water but there is none to be had surrounded by it... Continue Reading →

I was a good and faithful daughter. I paid my tithe and I paid my time and I paid my dues I payed for my sins and prayed for my soul prayed for forgiveness for sins I hadn't committed yet All because my ancestors grandparents, my parents, did because a man in a robe told... Continue Reading →

If you have never grieved, If you have never denied the finality of reality If you have never felt the Timpani drums of your heart Pounding and screaming in your ears NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and felt the weight of Reaper's sad, lonely gaze on your soul Then you have no... Continue Reading →

- Dedicated to all my sisters who know they damned well feel the same way and especially for those won't admit it - DISCLAI ♥ If I had a penis for just one day:   In the spirit of truthfulness...I'd think with it at least twice   and spend the early morning in bed alone... Continue Reading →

Someone asked me what I feel, And to my own fault I responded The only way that I know how. Only Haywire live wire seemed apt. It makes no sense, perhaps, To anyone but me But that's what it feels like. It's as though my bones have been replaced And the new ones simply vibrate... Continue Reading →

A Reaper in the hand is worth millions to the right client. ©MelanieMcCurdie2016

The sounds of silence. There is no such thing In reality. Why? You are human. Noise comes naturally Y'know that crack'lin? That rapid rushing When hear something And you are alone? That's the cry of your nervous system How about that thud That beats in your ears... Can't you hear it now? Boom (pause) Boom... Continue Reading →

Folklore and childhood tales vary from family to family and certainly in this case it is no different. Those dark tales told by firelight sometimes become tangible and the unknown becomes frighteningly real. For 30 year old Dee Carpenter, it is a perfectly warm Saturday in June and Dee and her live in boyfriend are celebrating her... Continue Reading →

Draped like breathing silk Ivory skin, ivory keys Raven tresses decoration Play me, she whispers Eyes averted, nervous Black Orchid No shrinking violet, she shivers Speak her name Watch her fracture, smile A heady concoction Igneous she burns Your hand, Eruption Detonation: Ground Zero Her eyes · @MelanieMcCurdie2015

I can't help but think of him Even as I close my eyes His face looms in my mind Oh the way they glow His eyes full of every terrible Beautiful form of torture that exists In our crazy fucked up world And I know he would kill me In kindness and in reality In... Continue Reading →

The One

The bumblebee hums Dipping and dancing Around the sweetest bloom Stealing nectar And so the lesson Master teaches Erotic vibrations Deeper then the blade's song His strength brings pleasure Small deaths Blood rushing He is your undoing The One Matt Farnsworth on Facebook   Matt Farnsworth on Twitter Matt Farnsworth on Instagram Matt Farnsworth Films     Madness is... Continue Reading →

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