The hallway is full of the dead, wandering about with their faces glued to a screen with some slightly talented banshee screaming into their ears. The dead, with their heartbeats and the blood rushing in their veins like hot chocolate on a frigid night, living their insignificant little lives like any day they draw... Continue Reading →

It was none of my business as to why he started dancing with that particular devil again but finally fed up, I demanded a reason for it and the response made me think that he’d lost his ever-fucking-mind gone off his nut for good   I am drinking because you aren’t here and it has... Continue Reading →

I remember that dayThat morningThat moment of disconnectWith no noticeA lost call with no closureNo dial-toneThe string snappedYou let go and that was the endNo more I love youNo further plans or promisesLooking toward tomorrowJust silenceAnd silenceThen screams ©MelanieMcCurdie2020

Canada is a country We live above the United States And it's cold here a lot A. LOT. There are no other countries Within Canada's borders (although some disagree and try anyway) But we do have 10 beautiful provinces Including 3 awesome territories And a family of amazing peoples Fin   ©MelanieMcCurdie2019 All Rights Reserved

But what had woken her? Here, she, a ghost in 3D Was it a knock at the door? She feels for the lock Alone in the dark Spider threads catch at her face A sign that no-one had been there She opens her handbag and tips the contents onto the floor as the footsteps get... Continue Reading →

Making Merry is an excerpt from The Logical Circus of the Second-Hand Reapers, coming to eBook and paperback fall 2019 Making Merry The scent of roasting meat permeates the haze she is lost in and it makes her mouth water. She is nearly sure that this is a dream, as it must be; Therrien left... Continue Reading →

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