Impeccably dressed

Head to toe in red

Oddly apropos for a ginge

Her hair moving as though it is alive

Medusa for the modern age

I kid, then chide myself for it

Honestly, this woman is a dream

Straight out of porn

A dream that I’m sure

I’d make a nightmare out of

Stunning, with her makeup on point

The smile has curves I’d love to taste

Delicate pink lips shine brilliantly

But her eyes don’t reflect warmth

They remain cold

Steel coated in ice

Would probably be warmer

It’s the teeth that hold me hostage –

It’s got to be lipstick or something akin

Maybe she just ate a mouthful of raspberries

Or drank something red like wine

Maybe she doesn’t know

I’m not gonna tell her, no way

Her beauty is frightening

Someone should warn her, though

About the blood in her teeth



Woman At The Museum

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