It was a freezing week in July when the bodies started to wash ashore. The fact that they were getting up and walking wasn’t even the concern. It was where the hell they were coming from since the entire globe had been on house arrest for the past six months.

The initial reports from those that were on that stretch of beach were that the bodies were talking and stumbling about like a group of heavily intoxicated spring breakers. Many were naked, according to the video, some bore the scars of the final surgery, but most were unmarked in any way

Not a tattoo, or inoculation mark, nothing at all to mar the perfect envelope they were born into.

At first, it was a handful of bodies; July 1, two men, a woman, and two teenagers, one of each sex were seen being rolled ashore on Breetown Public Beach, about 3 miles from Manshire. All five bodies were nude, except for a pair of dress socks on one of the men and a belt on the female teenager.

One Oleic Smith called the police when he literally tripped over the woman while on a run just before daybreak. His report was panicked but coherent and he told the operator that there were bodies all over the place.

The recording catches him shrieking like a bad-tempered toddler when one of the teenagers sat up and asked in a raspy broken voice when they were. Not where, but when. Mr. Smith was not there when authorities arrived.

The EMT’s confirmed that there were two male bodies on Breetown Beach, presumed dead, as neither had blood pressure, and three more shaken but very much alive naked people wandering about in the sand.

Driver Willit Jones suffered a mild heart attack when the confirmed dead Bill Bulter sat up and hawked a huge wad of water and phlegm onto the rocks nearby then asked Jones for the date and seemed relieved when the driver stuttered that it was July 1, 2019. The previously dead man then stood and wobbled to where the remaining body lay. He stared at it for a long moment, then gave it a savage kick and yelled at it to “wake the fuck up, you dumbass. We are there,” then waved the other three closer.

A small crowd of observers had gathered along the bluff, about ten in all, watching intently while recording the hubbub, and behind them, the not so far off howl of sirens.

Several videos caught the newly awaked man staring around with a frown and tears streaming down his face. His gaze settled on a couple of kids frolicking in the early morning surf and shook his head sadly.

“This version is already doomed. We can’t save this one. The others will be here soon, and then we will try again.”

© Melanie McCurdie 2020


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