June 29, 1987

I still can’t put my finger on exactly what it was that made me notice her in the first place, but whatever it was, she’s got me in a state of awe that I can’t shake.

Her name is Sylvie and she is perfect for me, in every way possible. I saw her in the crowd at grad today. I didn’t know who she was or where she came from but out of the hundreds of family and friends there were there, and we had four seats each, I saw her.

Sylvie, she is exquisite, and she stood out like fine china in a sea of rag dolls. The women around her were swamp monsters after seeing her face. She stared back at me with this smile that could melt the ice caps and suddenly I had to re-adjust how I was sitting. Thankfully, no one else noticed. I knew that I had to know her. I had to meet her, at least.

Then, just when I was about to jump ship and run over to her before someone else noticed her, my dream woman disappeared into the crowd. After a few minutes, of searching the crowd, I thought that maybe I’d imagined her until my roommate wore me down by repeatedly asking me to come for one drink.

“Just one drink. They have soda there too, you know. Come on, how often do you graduate?” Herk Mathers coerced and I finally gave in just shut him up.

The pub was a well-known haunt just off of campus that was often filled to capacity with a variety of people that came from nowhere, and everywhere. I didn’t have to look far for our friends and soon to be professional colleagues. There, in the corner, the yahoos were whooping it up and most of them had already consumed a great deal of alcohol, to boot.

I started to back away to the door but Herk wasn’t hearing of it. “Not my cup of tea, Herk, not this atmosphere, nor the people,” and he nodded agreement but didn’t let go of my arm, either. Finally, I relaxed and agreed to one drink, a Dr. Pepper,  while the rest had shots. As though any of them needed more booze to make them feel better. Today was supposed to be a natural high point.

“Have a shot!! Not even one?” The valedictorian Seth Neose weaseled but I stood firm, no matter how tempting that bottle of tequila was. I can’t drink on these pills, and everyone who knows me knows that.

If I don’t take the clozapine, things are bad for everyone and I know it, but frankly, I was considering one just because I was getting sick of the constant needling when Herk appeared out of nowhere and stepped in with a snarky pointed comment.

“He’s taking his meds, Seth. You know that and if you weren’t so drunk, you’d know you were being a dick about it. Lay off. Come sit with us, man. There’s someone I want you to meet, anyway,” Herk, Mathers offered, and I gladly followed him away from Seth’s shocked expression.

That is one invitation that I am so happy that I took instead of begging off and going home.

There, in a cozy booth that seated four, was the woman from the crowd earlier today, the very same one who I had wanted to get to know. She was laughing and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever witnessed. This bewitching creature had her head thrown back in what appeared to be utter mirth, and her hair, the color of late strawberries, shook like a river of fire. She was perfect, and I knew I should look away but was unable to drop my eyes from the remarkable sight before me.

I couldn’t breathe and I know it sounds so melodramatic but it’s the truth. She stole my breath away. I remember asking Herk if he knew her and who she was, and I swear that my voice sounded like it was barely above a whisper. Herk chuckled then dragged me closer to the table.

“I know her, yeah. She’s my girlfriend’s best friend and sorority sister. They go to Montana State together. She saw you and I down there and watched us get our diplomas and started bugging Rae about who you were, my friend. Lucky bugger, this one is a wildcat so watch yourself. Stay on your meds, too, no matter what. Promise me. You’re doing great!” he told me, shaking is head.

 I looked at him, confused for a moment. Of course, I was going to stay on them, hadn’t I always? I promised and was about to ask him about why he was so worried when my attention was directed back towards her. Herk made the half-assed introduction that would change the course of our lives.

He asked his girl, Rae Pahkin to dance then flippantly threw out to me,  “Dude, this is Sylvie, and she likes vodka, is studying psychology and wanted to meet you. Talk amongst yourselves.”

She shook her head at him and rolled her eyes at Rae as she pranced past, leaving us alone. That motion made her mane of crimson shiver, and it framed her porcelain face, making her seem fragile and harmless.      And then she smiled, and I tossed that conception out the window.

Sylvie’s smile was devious and delicious, full of malicious intent in the best kind of way and in that second, I was her willing slave and she would soon, willingly be mine, too, if I had my way.

“I noticed you right off and wanted to eat you, I mean, meet you. why do I feel as though we have already met? Please sit down, you’re too tall this way and my neck hurts. As for the ring – it’s complicated, as these things are – it’s not an issue for either of us if it isn’t for you.”

She offered her hand and that’s when I noticed that she wore a ring on her finger. it was small and caught the light prettily enough but that’s all it was, a gewgaw on an already ornate masterpiece. Her husband was of no concern to me and I told her so.

Hours passed and we noticed nothing but each other, even when Herk and Rae left us there in the early hours.

Nothing and no one else exists. I see her again in an hour.

©MelanieMcCurdie2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Even in Evenloss – The Desecration of Freuddwyd Doma

From the journal of Hewie Skeltris

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