All I ever wanted was
what every little girl
wants, I guess; happiness
My happily ever
after, but my own way

Listen, I know that life
isn’t always s perfect
utopian world trapped
in a pretty snow globe

I know it is can be
ugly, it can be cruel
It can be harsh and sometimes
Sometimes life is just plain mean

But somewhere in the chaos
has to be a small slice
of happy that I can
carve out for myself and
for the ones that I love

Some silver lining kept
hidden from the rest of Hell
I thought I’d found that place,
and did, and had with delight

It wasn’t some smoothed over
an airbrushed version of love
but raw and passionate,
a real kind of love

My world became a book
with the last chapter ripped out
Leaving me never knowing
how the story was supposed to end

Leaving me to wonder
if something is wrong with me
and whether I was meant
destined to be alone

Because, maybe, I am
bad luck to humanity
I’m still not convinced that
I’m not a plague on life

I wanted that dream
I thought that I found it
In the arms of my bestie
Then he was stolen from me.

Story interrupted.
and I begin again

Story Interrupted

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