“You’re always so cheerful
How do you do it?”

Are you sure that you want to know?

I cry in my car

Almost every day
I cry in my car
That’s how I stay upbeat
And how I can grin when grim
That’s how I can stand there
Day after weak and
Welcome people into my heart
With their dirty souls and hands
Without breaking down continually
In public
I cry in my car
But I rage there too
It’s where I scream and swear
Hate on The Gods and pray
So that when I get to a place
Emotionally, mentally, spiritually
When falling apart like a house of cards
That are made of glass spiders
Seems preferable to pretending
I have somewhere to go to let it out
Rather than burning my proverbial house down
With gasoline and gangrene

How else would you have me do it?

© Melanie McCurdie

Coming soon to Emotional Graffiti

I cry in my car

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