The Point of the Knife

See that woman? That being of pure knowledge,

Standing, swaying with her bottle as her weapon.

She will be the darkness in your life and

The one constant in your life

There is no light without it, nor without her

A war will be just like a drug addiction –

She intones this like a sermon on the Sabbath

Telling her story in a litany of fiction

I would appreciate it if you call me Lilith

I am the first wife of Adam

I also used to be an astronaut

My life story is the story of Ivanhoe

It’s why I became a witch.

I’ve got my coffins – now I’m ready to live.

Though her lies glow with the truth of insanity

One cannot deny the point of the knife

“In this time,” she prays, “a time of raving hell.

In this aeon, a time of pure good

I am a moral girl, with my statues and icons

And Ambition is an immoral lady living in my body

Her blood the river that is the source of all my pain

But to love life is to accept that it is the partner

Of beauty and the friend of cruelty

And only in death can you really begin to live.”


Coming November 2019 to Amazon in paperback and in digital

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