I wish you could understand.
There are not enough words
Nor are there emotions to explain it

Or maybe I don’t wish you could
Innocence is bliss, so they say

Maybe, I’m tired of explaining and justifying
Of listening to people preach to me about loss
As though I know nothing of grief

Maybe, I’m tired of being lonely
day after day, sitting home night after night

Stuck because I can’t move forward and
I can’t go back in time – I’ve tried –
So I’m left to exist in this miserable place

So tell me you understand, again …

No one on the outside gets that I hate
The Gods, the Asshole Deities
It hurts to hate but the anger feels like dying

Crying on the side of the bed
With snot running from my nose
No energy or will to wipe it away.

Why bother, when its only hurting me
Who else will see the wreck of human?

No, it’s not the You Show,
The spotlight with your name on it
Frankly, the flashing lights make me sick

No, it’s just a fucking shit show
So therefore doesn’t ping
On your emotional radar


Coming soon to Amazon in eBook and paperback Cover Model: Jessika Dillard

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