Kesper, NY

What follows is an excerpt from my upcoming novel, The Monster in Number 4, coming to eBook and Paperback in 2019.  

The day had been slow, monotonous to the point that he wanted to roll down the windows of the elderly Caprice and scream at the drivers around him.  They’d rescued a cat from a mailbox and helped an old man cross at Main and Broad, where traffic was always the heaviest but that was the whole of the excitement. Police work is not nearly as glamorous as TV makes it seem.

Everything had slowed down or stopped since the murders began on the South Side of Kesper, NY two weeks ago, and every officer, EMT and Sheriff’s Office was on high alert and high on nerves as well.  Some truly horrific cases that staggered the imagination.  Detective Thorson didn’t think it was over yet, though the hoped that he wouldn’t end up with one of these cases that he knew would haunt him until he dies.

The radio crackles and spits out nearly intelligible words.  “Base, repeat?  And slow down, Eileen, I didn’t get any of that,” Paul Purlee  yells into the mic, shaking his head, “seriously what the hell is wrong with her tonight?” he demands of Anders Thorson, before yelling into the mic again and slamming it back on the dash.

“What’s up, Pard? Where we off to? A puppy in a pickle?” Thorson snickers, eyeing his partner with a leer that fades as he sees the pale shade of his face. He wasn’t going to get his wish and curses himself for wishing it in the first place.  Jinxed your damn self, you fool

“Not this time, Bud.  131 South Shelter Avenue.  There’s a body on site. I hope it’s not what I think it is Thor, but I think we are going to have a long few days ahead,” Purlee sighs, and flips on the siren, then steps hard on the gas.

Every cop has a case that sticks with him forever, and if this is yet another murder in a string of them, Anders thinks this might be the one that does him in. He’d seen enough evidence of what horror human can inflict on human to walk away from his career once and for all if this is what he thinks it is.


Cover Model: Jessika Dillard of MorbidX Alt Modeling




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