You know how there’s this theory that you’d be blown away by the blast from disruption in the space/time continuum?

That’s what sudden loss is like. But it’s not theory. It’s reality. It happens, as it would, to anyone who has just had their entire world implode around them.

A literal crumble and destruction of a future, in a heartbeat, a blink. Imagine the effect and the toll, if you can, that sort of event has on the body, on the mind, emotionally and physically. Make it loud, earsplittingly so and painful. The worst pain you can comprehend. Now, multiply it by infinity. Then you might be close.

That pain lives in the chest. A dragon’s egg smothered in magma, about to crack. A heavy sort of mirthless anticipation has replaced the completely happy, and it lives there, too.

It’s a traumatic process




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