Sweet Recollections

“Your name tastes like spun sugar on my tongue,”
She said with a smile that lit up her eyes
The fireworks behind her made her glow
My heart nearly exploded and then it did

Until then, my whole world was a circus
And I, the silly fool who stuck his head
Deep in the lion’s mouth, night after night

But then, she stood on her tiptoes and she
whispered my name with her lips curved and chin
lifted, she closed her eyes and she waited

I wanted to kiss the corner of her
smile and when I did, she melted against
me, sticky sweet as maple candy
Touching me wherever her hands could reach

“Tracing your image with my hands,”
she laughed, “memorising your handsome face
in my mind,” she sighed into my ear then
breathed into my ear when I laughed out loud
As I laid her down on the old bear rug
She burned like a candle, alive in my arms
The cobwebbed corners of her soul aflame
How she glowed, like a work of precious art

We drank bottles of the darkest red wine
The taste of oak barrels and summer cherries
Lingered on our tongues, it went to our heads
When she laughed, it sent shivers up my spine

Shrieking in gleeful giggles, I joined her
Then rose to my knees and pulled her to me
And laid her down in front of the fire
On the faux tiger skin rug that she loved

Laid her down and covered her in kisses
I loved her, my lips memorizing each
curve and edge as she chanted her pleasure
against my shoulder, her small even teeth

They left impressions on my skin and soul
When she exploded, she bit down harder
It hurt so good. I kissed her bruisingly
My own pleasure filled her from within

She shivered as she smoldered and whispered
my name, called it out over and over

Spun Sugar

She called me Spun Sugar from that night on
when the lights were low and the firebugs shone
All was right with the world wrapped in her arms
The way she’d giggle as she stared, pleasure,

It prickled my heart, her wide-eyed delight
Consummating our love once again
Our bodies linked with open mouthed gazes
My hands, they squeezed her throat as she struggled

Riding the wave of her fight, how she flew
Her pale hands resemble fading roses
We are frozen together, her heartbeat
Throbbing in my grasp, throbbing in her loins

Her heartbeat throbbed in her damp, rosy cheeks,
I loved how her body quivered and bucked
Writhing while her eyes begged for release, air
I didn’t let go, only squeezed tighter
Looking back, I can now admit that I
Loved her to death. I loved her in small death
I loved her enough to leave her breathless
Finally, completely and permanently

Those moments that seem insignificant,
They aren’t. They stay with you forever
You’ll always remember the way it felt
Sliding home, a new warmth, the explosion

You’ll remember long after the thrill fades
Isn’t it sweeter to recall the love
Than to regret the rage that came after?
Its funny how nostalgia works sometimes –

I recall how the last of her life stayed
Bloody on her lips, and how they tasted
Of Spun Sugar


3 thoughts on “Sweet Recollections

  1. Absolutely exquisite dear friend. Truly.

    “Your name tastes like spun sugar on my tongue,”


    Until then, my whole world was a circus

    Barely even started and all of my senses were ablaze. Now that is a truly wonderful thing.

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