JiGsAw hEaRt

When the thunder rolls
I’m so damned lonely
What I really need
Is someone to hold
Until I can find
The silver lining
And I can breathe again

The snow is falling
Like the blind hits,
They just keeps coming
Grief is always there
The past keeps calling
Reminds me of you
The pain I can’t change

The sun brings to mind
Walking hand in hand
Sweet salty kisses
Reminds me of sand
Of late night romance
Precious memories
I want that life again

I lay here empty
Not for survival
Feeling so helpless
My heart like a stone
When I was breathing
You were beneath me
There’s no air here alone

The lightning crashes
The idea fashes
That you were alone
I’m so damned tired
It eats at my mind
Guilt for no reason
Your memory haunts me

Almost forever
I can’t believe it’s real
Searching for you, Love
I can’t find the door
We nearly made it
So close and so far
I want to feel you again

The rain is just tears
That pour from my eyes
Grasping at nothing
Like mist through fingers
Screaming I failed you
I tried but Honey,
I can’t fucking change it

I lay here heart naked
Silent in the dark
The past keeps calling
Soul sobbing dry eyed
Our love was never Sin
It was simply too pure
My jigsaw heart made whole

Warm in your arms
I was alive, now
I hide when I hurt,
My heart is destroyed
Nothing will mend it
Rest, I stay in the
Shadows for survival

No staples or strings
Nothing can move me
Scars are my story
The darkness my eyes
A lonely puppet
With no voice to scream
And that’s all I’ve been doing

My frozen heart beats
You were the fire that
Made me burn smiling
I’ve been so broken
Uncomfortably numb
I can’t breathe here
There’s no air, alone


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