Reaper’s Enchantment

For years it glittered
The golden ring on her finger
A well-worn symbol of her love and devotion
In happier moments she wore it with pride, content in her emotional inertia
Glad to have a warm body to cuddle up with
Sometimes felt like a handcuff or a cage without bars on the long lonely nights
when she was alone and sleepless, with everything she wanted within grasp
and unable to reach because she was chained
Still, she stayed with him for those many years.
The ring never left her finger, even when her heart had flown
She still loved on.

She doesn’t know I’m here
Watching her stand over the casket with her shoulders shaking
and I love her more when she breaks, her slender well-curved body
shivering in grief. I’ve waited for her,
Watched her in pleasure
Watched her in pain
Watched her stare right through me and waited….
She slips the ring from her finger, holds it to her lips in silent prayer
Turns her head as my soul brushes the ceiling and places it in his cold hand
Her tears drying on her cheeks, she smiles and catches my heart
When she reaches out and takes my hand


Coming soon to Fear Front Publishing


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