Hitting Home

You couldn’t help yourself, could you?

Just had to have it your way,
ply and plead over poetry
and broken, useless promises

Pretty words meant to crack veneer,
like stones on a still frozen pond,
you just kept hammering it home

It did too, hit home, believe it
a punch to the solar plexus
a knee to the box would’ve been kinder

I’m still standing, though bleeding out
still breathing, despite the arrows

You couldn’t help yourself, again

I say it’s bullshit, and a cop out.

lie to your heart, repeatedly
So you can keep lying to mine

Spreading lye on the memories
That meant something to me is cruel

It makes it ugly and I see
Enough horror in the mirror

Reality bites and it leaves
Scars behind that will never fade
A fact that’ll hit home for you





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  1. This is heartbreaking, yet beautifully written written. Your pain feels very real and honest. I wish you healing and better days to come. Much love – speak766

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