I’m just a girl, you know.
I love pretty things like fire and sunrises
Flutterbyes and bloodsauce
– stuff like that
But deeper down,
along the Pathway to the Other
There is a beautiful well in the middle of nowhere

I want to believe it still contains magic
That maybe wishes do come true
I remember when it was an oasis
made from morning dew
I loved there, long ago,
When I believed that he loved me
Because he said if was so

I loved there, in the lantern lights
Happy to lay amongst the thorns
Bright horizons and endless desire
That’s where they lived until love died
When the world changed and
And took everything with it

I’m just a silly girl, with stupid notions
A frilly smart filly who would rather be dumb
Than have to hide and pretend
That nothing bothers me because I lack
Intelligence to comprehend reality

Denying the fact that it burns
Doesn’t make the fire less hot
And denying desires doesn’t make them
Vanish like smoke
Instead, the agony increases
As I fade away with words unspoken



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