The swirling soap draws designs in the water over my scarred knees They looks like badly used shillelaghs Maybe I'm a disease or maybe I've something to displease Her, He, They, My Maker And begging please can't You stop please Begging for any sort of respite from the constant noise of The bells inside my... Continue Reading →


it’s a title wave

I feel so sad it’s a title wave - a tsunami and its becoming more and more difficult to hold back. I’m not sure that I want to any more, hold back or hold on I’m not sure but deep down inside I just wonder why I’m here and what purpose misery serves in the... Continue Reading →

If you have never grieved, If you have never denied the finality of reality If you have never felt the Timpani drums of your heart Pounding and screaming in your ears NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and felt the weight of Reaper's sad, lonely gaze on your soul Then you have no... Continue Reading →

- Dedicated to all my sisters who know they damned well feel the same way and especially for those won't admit it - DISCLAI ♥ If I had a penis for just one day:   In the spirit of truthfulness...I'd think with it at least twice   and spend the early morning in bed alone... Continue Reading →

I'm just a girl, you know. I love pretty things like fire and sunrises Flutterbyes and bloodsauce - stuff like that But deeper down, along the Pathway to the Other There is a beautiful well in the middle of nowhere I want to believe it still contains magic That maybe wishes do come true I... Continue Reading →

When I think of you Sometimes I smile A little bit dirty because ... But mostly I just sneer Choke back the temptation To grab the nearest blunt And let my mouth run amok Don't misunderstand I do not indulge in hatred Rather, it's pity that haunts me That try as I may to hold... Continue Reading →

I'm drunk and I'm pissed off about it. I also don't care so I don't know where that leaves us, except with me wishing there was more fucking tequila and sort of regretting smashing the shit out of my filter in self-defence and solidarity ... mostly due to alcohol. Yeah so the hell what if... Continue Reading →

It's never been this way before It rattled me, the shattery explosion Awaking the sleeping giant The oceans roar, like breathing through A seizure of electric proportions The seabirds soared and called and sailed the breathless breezes it rattled me to my core - Being touched by lightning so similar to A glassbone rebirth So... Continue Reading →

The End of Her Rope

It is the last straw, this, the last time. This time his whore came to our home, dressed, or rather undressed, expecting him to be ready for her. In our bed. Not the first time, but certainly the final time. I’ve paid, and dearly for his indiscretions, physically, emotionally, having to swallow my pride and... Continue Reading →

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