I am –

Who am I? It depends,  I suppose,  in which context you ask as to my answers,  but, in general:

I am a human female,

but resent the human part.

It’s an unnecessary affirmation that

pokes at a sore spot, frankly.

I still have most of my original parts,

though my requests for

harvesting certain organs

are continuously denied.

I am Canadian.

I live where the

wintertime hurts my face

and it’s always a little chilly

even in summer,

but it is home and beautiful.

I am one who admires

the human form

but doesn’t understand

its fragility or its emotional responses.

Wasteful expenditures of energy.

I am a music lover

who thinks music found in films,

in most forms,

is like nails on the chalkboard

and is a hideous effort at torture.

I am a mother and

they are daemons of the best sort.

Also boys.

You can’t win them all.

I am an apparition,

ghost, if you will.

A memory

of something

that once


I am –



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