This morning I did something I have never done before - while the children were bickering and the telephone was ringing and the television blaring - I snuck off to the powder room and quietly closed the door and then I slid down to the floor then with my elbows on my knees and my... Continue Reading →


Who am I? It depends,  I suppose,  in which context you ask as to my answers,  but, in general: I am a human female, but resent the human part. It's an unnecessary affirmation that pokes at a sore spot, frankly. I still have most of my original parts, though my requests for harvesting certain organs... Continue Reading →

All that you see is a hard shell The veneer is a result of my time, Trapped in the Hellmouth's yaw It's like rock, baby, unbreakable Maybe you think I'm some snarcastic schnook With an IDGAF attitude and a sarcastic left hook; you're not wrong Hey, I'm strong but smell ain't everything, not made of... Continue Reading →

What are we but an insouciant society heaving with tarmac nightmares? The point is the scrum, not the blood...or reward And such sociable birds we be, Angels with vestigial wings that loom around the truths like a massive Henge. What could be used to excise those who claim ignorance when it is actually arrogance? Flaying... Continue Reading →

You keep saying that I don't talk nor do I express myself,  well ask yourself why that could be let's see you utilise that brain for more than sexual function or romantic fantasy ask yourself again why I don't scream from rooftops from soul balconies what's locked inside of me; the way I love or hate... Continue Reading →

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