IMO – The View From Here

Watching this election from my post has me concerned on so many levels. It’s like watching a bad beauty pageant through a slot in the panic room door, and wondering which of the candidates is going to trip and explode. Bad whether the enforced steel doors are strong enough to withstand the blast.

Someone likened it to the pulling of a trigger, and both bullets were inferiorly manufactured. As you well know, these types of choices will often blow up in your face, whether you like it or not.

Point is, the die is cast. The deed is done. Fait d’accompli. No one said what comes next is appetising or any less than frightening. It absolutely is frightening, for everyone. But there is little to be done at this stage than to pull together and stop spewing hatred at each other.

You are all in it together, no matter who you voted for. As a country. As a people. This choice that was made is now a reality that must be lived with. Right or wrong. You have 4 years to make the best of it or prepare to make some changes in 2020.

It’s unfortunate, truly, that the electoral process has turned into a popularity contest full of posturing and grandiose promises that have no way of actually coming to fruition without driving the country’s resources further into the Hellmouth. And is it for the masses? No, it’s to benefit those who pull the strings behind the scenes.

Please, in the days ahead, think. Consider your words and actions before your fear and anger causes more heartache and animosity among people who should be able to love one another.

That’s how I see it.


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