Thoughts on – IMO

A thought: In my opinion

The work we do as independent artists of all types is a labour of love and not easy work at times.  We do our level best to put out a decent product,  given our own resource availability. It isn’t always simple or smooth. So when someone picks apart another’s work, as though they know better, it is insulting and frankly rude.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated.  Most of us are realistic,  and we know that our art is not for everyone. So, please,  think before you speak, keep it constructive, or keep it to yourself.

Thank you.


One thought on “Thoughts on – IMO

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  1. Well said, Jilly. You’ve kept it simple, logical, and based in wisdom.

    Constructive criticism for anything should always be welcomed so we can improve in our artistic ventures, but outright vitriol and condemnation does nothing for one’s soul.

    As always, you rock on all levels.

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