The pterosaurs glide, hither and yon
On the hunt for the not quite dead
We call them Freshies. Like a treat

Below the snarligators sunbathe
Hoping for a snack of their own
Poor things.

Here I sit in my library,
staring at walls instead of reading
In my laboratory bodies rot, waiting…

I’m no princess. I don’t need saving
Sometimes I play at being a Queen
The Fool giggles too hard at that joke

Somewhere in the Minotaur’s labyrinth
Lost inside some ancient catacomb
There is another freak, wandering
Looking for another heartless monster, just like me

*sigh* I’m distracted.
It’s my world. I made it, flaws and all

Sleep is a fleeting friend, that twat
I’d give anything to engage in
A search for the soulless tonight



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