Joseph A. Pinto

The sandwich remains uneaten and forgotten, long since ravaged by mold.  Beside it, the milk in the glass is nothing but crusty, yellow mud.  The lunch now a mockery of what once was.

He leans against the doorway, peering into the fruitless dark of his son’s room.  Clothes cling to his skin.  Thirty minutes prior, he stood within the foyer, dripping in static silence after stumbling in from the rain.  He realizes that nothing carries weight anymore.  Except maybe his sodden clothes.

He wavers.  A car passes somewhere in the night.  Light cuts rudely through the room; shadows jump stiffly about the walls, scurrying into corners.  Stuffed animals squat atop the bed, solemn smiles unflinching across their faces.  A sliver of headlight touches the uneaten sandwich, illuminating the plate like a stage.  It fades away—the show over, curtain drawn on yet another day.  He hesitates, breath snagging in his…

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I took out a pen and paper With intentions of screaming on mute Through the vacant scribbles on a page But I found that I had no words to write I couldn't make the ink come alive When I had nothing on tap to draw from A dead pump won't produce water No matter how... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time, The tale begins, as all fairy stories do, When we all loved in the forest And everybody loved everyone else Except, Once upon a time, The memories were sweet As apple blossoms on the morning Like spun sugar on a hot summer day It was all perfect, but Once upon a... Continue Reading →

4:30 am. I'm awake and staring out the window at the snow, wishing I was asleep and not witnessing horror. But instead I am, and so are the deer busily scampering, their hooves a clip clop of wood on wood against the asphalt.  It's cold and my smoke is dwindling, but I stay anyway with... Continue Reading →

It's the Opiate of the masses. Opinion seems to act as some sort of aphrodisiac, and media, Media provides the soundtrack to the insanity. It all makes us believe that if we Kiss the ring on the hand of some pauper prince If we commit ourselves to the real daemon by believing in the falsehoodery... Continue Reading →

Someone asked me what I feel, And to my own fault I responded The only way that I know how. Only Haywire live wire seemed apt. It makes no sense, perhaps, To anyone but me But that's what it feels like. It's as though my bones have been replaced And the new ones simply vibrate... Continue Reading →

I despise Reaper, currently That motherfucker is off Polishing his bone or playing Peeping Grim through some portal The perv. Hey!! BONEDADDY! Think you could stop rubbing one out And do your damned job? For once? Instead of dicking about? ©MelanieMcCurdie

The pterosaurs glide, hither and yon On the hunt for the not quite dead We call them Freshies. Like a treat Below the snarligators sunbathe Hoping for a snack of their own Poor things. Here I sit in my library, staring at walls instead of reading In my laboratory bodies rot, waiting... I'm no princess.... Continue Reading →

I don't know why I'm even trying. I swore so long ago that I wouldn't speak to You ever again and I haven't,  until now. The Absent  Moral Authority, You abandoned me so many times, when I was taught that You were there to protect me, watch over me. Saviour. The first time I needed someone, after... Continue Reading →

You keep asking me as though whatever crap falls from my lips is some kind of gospel or carries weight, but it is worth less then nothing. I'd laugh but it's just so damned sad when people trust the word of a ghost Why do you care what I think? Why, exactly, does it matter?... Continue Reading →

It's something like a tornado the way the universe tends to turn. what's a girl to do, one thinks as she sprays her life with gaso/ line and lights a match just to watch it's birth; once, twice, thrice and again. she does nothing more than giggle, make popcorn and watch the world burn. "clear... Continue Reading →

Beauty is a misnomer and used in the wrong context. It should be used to describe objects that stun and awe, in appreciation of artistic effort and quality craftsmanship. In appreciation of Mother Nature's innate talents, both wrathful and benign. People are not beautiful; they are amazing and asinine, gorgeous and grotesque. Humanity is simply... Continue Reading →

He says I'm beautiful, but I think his eyes are malfunctioning. Nothing in the mirror shows anything close to that description. What I see are lines and scars, cracked crystal memories; Things I do not wish to remember, are what I face every day. Someone suggested, implied, that my soul was leaking through the veil... Continue Reading →

I talk, for once, about my feelings and you get angry, or tune me out Or just flat out ignore But hey, you love me right? I can sit for hours and listen to This and that about who and what About everything under the sun Until I start to discuss matters of Importance. Somehow... Continue Reading →

Tiptoe through ground glass but leave no bloody footprints behind. Confuzzled by the contradictory  message? Welcome to my world. I suggest you run. you're still here?  interesting. my thoughts about the situation go as thus: Winter's Chill is a twat. On it's heels, the Agoniser comes with his pretty, pain poisoned stick  this son of a skunkbutt...his main pleasure... Continue Reading →

Promised me you'd stick like glue, true blue, to the end but you split like a coward are you so empowered, that you break word like bread, it's easy to blame, play the game like a player, role the dice, you always win, such a sin but honey, players get played your excuses are staid... Continue Reading →

I remember the racket. That noisy daemon behind the smile. How could I forget? Some say I fell in love with you that day and maybe they're right. Love as a brother, the first truthsayer in my life. My friend. What resonates strongest, and most often are those quiet sober moments that weren't laugher and gaiety,... Continue Reading →

*ruffles feathers* its cold out here  on this stupid  branch in this tree Freezing, watching  the weeping old  man sitting in  his saggy old  chair by the big  bay window yank his only thin  brown blanket tight  around his frail shoulders and shake *blink and shudder* without feathers  i would freeze too but he has... Continue Reading →

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