Ragged Sails

Some say it’s an invidious action,
to place oneself in such a precarious position.
Dancing with a better class of Daemon
is the summative response to life on a ledge.

Ah, but Evil speaks in such romantic rhetoric
Pretty lilting half truths pleading to be believed
One is always struggling with that temptation;
Refuting the historical evidence as naught, when even
The intricacy of Hell’s hegemony wanes from time to time.

Watch them frolic in the bête noire
Like children splashing in a sun shower

I prefer the manner of Pale Death
Reaper speaks simply, the language of Souls
His way is a recrudescence of full truth
Lanterns of fact in a world of lies
One supposes that it is the best way
Biting back with kindness is similar to
Good deeds against a better class of Devils
Letting them starving to life
During a harvest of fools.



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