Broken Gate

what? who me? …
You can see me?

Thank You for asking –
i know it’s just a thing people say
it ain’t pretty – run…

why’re you still here?
*sigh* fine. You asked …

there are bleaker days, storms ahead and
i’m already tired -feeling small
all hands on deck
it’s going to be a bumpy landing

jebus i hate it enough when I fly
in some magical avionic nightmare
Terra Firma should be more stable –
yet here i am, back on the ground
Hurray!!! skinned knees!!
i’m wondering if- why should i –
i just don’t want to get back up

 don’t feel like breathing anymore
barely am anyway, these days
more like sucking a Pete’s Drive-In shake
through a cocktail straw
and it’s far more effort than it’s worth

still, it’s better than the alternative
i hear the transition is a bitch



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