Read  S N A P S H O T August 13, 2015 Outside of Kelford 30 miles NE of Skull Creek It’s all Al Kennedy can think about. Three weeks’ vacation to spend seven days of it driving while Angie slept and the kids fussed and fought endlessly in the back seat. Then she would... Continue Reading →


  stay calm  (that's just stupid) can't breathe (duh dumbass  i tried to warn you) drumbeats in my ears are too loud (nah that's just your heart about to explode. fun innit?) in terror and I'm alone why  are my eyes  wet? (you cry? holy shit.  i thought you were made of stone ...lungs burn yet?) they... Continue Reading →

They say that hindsight is 20/20. It certainly lends a certain clarity; Realisation through recollection The words were (are) just that (words)  Full of sentiment and (but) signifying nothing I think that what hurts the most is the knowledge that not once, while whining your woes, Did you think to ask about me.

It hasn't been long Not really As far as the concept of time allows But that creature in the shadows With reddish blue eyes, too human. I can't forget it. The stare, as watchful as mine But wrong and appealing somehow With corruption oozing hunger It crept, bold as brass monkey balls Observing with a... Continue Reading →

Do you have any idea how damaging this situation is? Restrained and escape is improbable any time soon. Fighting the urge to cry is as exhausting, if not more Than fighting my Daemon's insistence that WE MUST BE FREE OF THIS MONSTROSITY WE MUST NOT BE CONTAINED It's like battling your brain's knowledge of fact... Continue Reading →


My ears are ringing, my head throbbing in time with my heart, my skin, my… Where am I? I open my eyes, lifting my hand to shade the sun’s glare. The light hurts, and I feel sick, the bile rising harsh and acidic in the back of my throat. Trees all around, their bushy heads... Continue Reading →

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