wattage & currency

What’s on my mind…?

The easy answer is nothing.

Not a thing in my head but air,
and perhaps a few dust particles.
Snippets of songs and useless trivia
Slap on a smile slathered in vacancy
and wattage, don’t forget the glue…!
It wouldn’t do to have it slip.

In reality, I have too much in here.
Boxes and tubes of questions and queries
Fuck a fire sale, I’d rather just flush
Get a brain scrub and maybe intelligence injections
For that youthful glow

So, how exactly does one go about it?
I can’t exactly blurt out my innermost thoughts
To anyone.
Sadly my trust fund is now gutted
But it doesn’t detract from fact

Life is a toss up
between what is needed and what others require.
Most often, everything else wins.
I find myself calling out to the Partisans
for protection, for peace but
feel so much more vulnerable.

Maybe they aren’t really here.

A spiritual connection, though wonderful
But it does not make up for a physical one,
nor is it as interactive.
Nothing exists in the world like a
True, real human response

I require this.
I need this.
It’s necessity, not frivolous
And still…how…?



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