the ludicrous suggestion

Fuck you for leaving us a less than amusing world.
I get it.
The darkness can swallow you whole
I understand,
but nothing is right.
Nothing shines since you left us weeping.
Maybe years have passed,
a lifetime of days;
you’re gone and
I hate you for it.
Because the world is NOT BETTER OFF
I happened upon your voice this morning,
repeating the words you said the last time
I was drowning.
Just when I needed you,
both times,
you were there, somehow.

I told you once that you were magic –
you laughed at me as though it were a ludicrous suggestion –
but I was right.
You were magic.
You were music and giggles and fairy dust
and sadness and beautiful eloquence
stuffed into a human body.
I miss you, my friend.
I wish you were here.



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