Everyone is full of advice
Yet few even know about my reality
Even fewer care.

It ain’t easy.
Life rarely is and I know it.
But dammit,

*deep breathe*

Between the squabbling and the meltdowns
and the whining and the crying and the dying
and that’s not even the kids…

Responsibility calls
and I come close to mainlining Java
while searching for shoes and agendas
while trying to breathe through a pole between my tits
while attempting to juggle knives
and dogs and the jar with my sanity-

I have no time for myself.
Like, none.
5 am *blink* 4 pm *blink* midnight
How the hell is it June?

It’s an illusion and one that works,
so far. But in all seriousness,

Goddess guide me.
I’m not taffy. Or Stretch Armstrong
Stop yanking and pulling.
I may be invisible, but
I’m only human, after all.


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