Reaper’s Eye

It could be somethin'... Or just might be nothing ...shrug... I don't suppose it matters, but I have a question Have you ever died? Not figuratively, or even spiritually. Died. Ended. The old dirt nap. Existence: Terminated. Stop breathing, stop everything, even fighting for your life kind of death. I have. I'm still here, breathing … Continue reading Reaper’s Eye


The Door Face Stranger

There is a new face in the hole.  A shiny new mask sent just to confuse and confound me further.  It's eyes are dark and deep, thoughtful as they observe.  The voices quiet some, the drop in volume from screaming to a dull roar, all of them muttering about this new one.  We could kill him … Continue reading The Door Face Stranger

Coming Undone

Folklore and childhood tales vary from family to family and certainly in this case it is no different. Those dark tales told by firelight sometimes become tangible and the unknown becomes frighteningly real. For 30 year old Dee Carpenter, it is a perfectly warm Saturday in June and Dee and her live in boyfriend are celebrating her … Continue reading Coming Undone


Everyone is full of advice Yet few even know about my reality Even fewer care. It ain't easy. Life rarely is and I know it. But dammit, *deep breathe* Between the squabbling and the meltdowns and the whining and the crying and the dying and that's not even the kids... Responsibility calls and I come … Continue reading Alone