I despise the word desperate
Yet the scrabbly, bitey thoughts
Those that rattle

like rats in a rucksack

Offer no other bon mot in place

Unfortunately, desperation aside,
I’m afraid and dumbstruck,
The daemon stole my tongue –
so easily stolen – but …

~must you make me twitch ye perpetual devil?~
I’m trying to be serious so listen!
*ajuster ma couronne*

You’ve been like glue and I love you
What’s more, I’m astonished…

For Sanity’s Sake
Would you please stop grinning
You mean old thing!
Playing peekaboo on the mirror’s edge

I still win.

You’re not getting a medal, you know,
For your torturous truth bombs

Perhaps, on further consideration, a Purple Heart
For braving teeth and tears,
Unflinchingly. Without judgement.




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