A Leprechaun Story by DaveyB

There was one night a creature was stirring.  Said stirring woke one ten year old boy up.   I went downstairs and I saw a green clad being muttering about a pot of gold.  I blinked but he didn’t disappear.  He just looked at me and hid under the table.  Then the sneaky imp said, “gee willikers!” in an Irish accent.  That is when I realized that I was looking at a leprechaun.

I let him sleep in the top bunk bed for the rest of the night.  To be honest, I forgot about the leprechaun until morning. I went to the top bunk to wake him but he was gone.  When I went downstairs he was making breakfast for us. Then it hit me.  I hadn’t introduced him to the family!

“Ummm…Leprechaun I -“

“Call me Patrick,” said the leprechaun.

“Okay Pat, I need to introduce you to my family.”

Pat said, “Okay.”

8:30 am  Sam woke up

“Hey bro! Want to go to the …”

He was stunned by what he was seeing.  All of our favourite breakfasts laid out the table! Sam congratulated me on making breakfast on my own.

“Seriously bro, I’m impressed!” Sam said, patting me on the back when Pat blurted, “Ello there!” and I said, “Sam, don’t freak o -” but Sam freaked out.  Soon the whole family was downstairs and confused.   “Okay I have no idea where Pat came from but he told me he needs a potion to get back to his realm,” I said, “here are some things he needs. Soap, any kind of carbonated drink, leopard gecko dung, and dog hair. Sam! Get the soap!  Dad get the dung! Mom, get Maggie’s hair and I’ll get the pop.”

“That was easy!” I said and Pat responded with, “Now we need a disposable cauldron or something…”  and I shouted, “Dad! Get a pot!”

Pat stirred the pot a while then he yelled, “Okay I”m done!  Thank you for your hospitality!”

“Bye Pat!” I called and Pat called back, “Au Revoir!” as he hopped into the portal.  And I never saw Pat again.

The End.

Written by DaveyB

Age 10 years



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