Yeah I hear you moaning In your Emojish tongues It's all in the vernacular Don't you know? There is no cure for acerbic wit It's hardly a sickness Twitch the bitch switch,  I'm down if it is Today, the social diction is hardly spectacular Sadly lacking the eloquent factor I miss the pretty words I... Continue Reading →


I'm trying. I know it's not enough It's never enough But I keep trying - Maybe in hopes of a miracle But I know those don't exist I have a better chance of finding a unicorn Take a look around you Reality sucks balls So maybe I'm too stupid to stop Maybe even though I've... Continue Reading →

You want to touch me? LOL you don't have either the balls, nor the backbone, or even likely the stamina. Talk a good game, don't you hero? All puffed up like King Kong Ugh it's ridiculous "You won't forget me" Oh hell, have you considered, That it's me YOU won't forget Self important swagger It... Continue Reading →

Yes. I want to feel your hands and lips Fingertips I want to ride you like a bike I stole Hard and fast as I can You think you could keep up? Many have attempted and failed I doubt you'd survive I do wish you'd come closer though It gets so lonely on my side... Continue Reading →

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